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on 03 Jul '08

To sort out some of the confusion regarding membership packages:

If you purchased your membership through Merch Direct you should have already received your membership package or be receiving it soon. If not please connect them directly since we don't have access to their purchase/shipping records.

If you purchased your membership through we are just waiting for the final parts of the package to arrive and will be sending them out as soon as we get all the elements!

Thanks for all your patience and we promise you'll love the package when it finally arrives!

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on 03 Jul '08

We know you purchased your presale tickets from the fan club and you are psyched for the upcoming Canadian dates.  Well, the tour just got a little cooler.  As we mentioned, The All-American Rejects are busy on their album and won’t be able to join SP on this tour.  But Simple Plan just announced the updated supporting bands - Cute Is What We Aim For, Metro Station and Faber Drive. Click HERE to read the official press release. Be sure to check the Tour Dates section to see when these bands will be coming to a town near you!

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on 02 Jul '08

You guys know about The Simple Plan Foundation, right? If not visit to learn more. The band’s foundation recently donated over $100,000 to young people in need. They also announced a fundraiser, a benefit concert they will be performing in August. If you’re not familiar with their charity please visit the link above, it’s for a really great cause!

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on 01 Jul '08

The Top 10 applicants for SPCrew Mod have been chosen! Congratulations to those who have made it this far. Now it's your turn to vote for the SPCrew member who you feel will best represent SPCrew as moderator. Below are the usernames of each candidate along with their video speech under their name. Please watch EACH video you make your decision. Keep an open mind and don't just vote for your friends. Once you have watched each video, click the link to the message board thread that has been set up for voting and cast your vote! Each member only gets one vote so be sure you think about it because there is no going back once you have voted! The poll will be open until July 30, 2009. Good luck to all the candidates!

Here’s what you need to do:
Watch each video below.
Cast your vote in THIS thread.
You must cast your vote via THIS thread (Poll: SPCrew Moderator Contest Voting found in SPCrew FAQ/Comments) for it to be counted.

username: efrat

username: rachael

username: sebtastical

username: sebastiensgirl08

username: louboscardin

username: CrystalBouvier

username: davierre

username: jenxlefebvre

username: rockerbaby


It's time, we are holding elections to appoint 3 SPCrew moderators to the boards! These moderators will help oversee and keep the peace on the message boards. BUT we don’t want your say to stop there. The appointed mods will also be our direct liaison to everything fan club related, letting us know what the SPCrew wants. Are you up to the task?
Here’s how to apply for the prestigious position of SPCrew moderator:
1. Record a video of yourself giving your election speech.
2. In 45 seconds or less, explain what makes you the best SPCrew candidate for mod, changes you would like to see and how long you’ve been a member of SPCrew.
3. Once you’re finished, upload your video to YouTube and send an email to entitled "MOD CONTEST" with the link to your video.
4. Please also include your full name, age, username, location and email address in your email to us.
5. Videos lasting longer than 45 seconds will automatically be disqualified.
6. No profanity, anyone violating message board rules will automatically disqualified.
7. All submissions must be received by Thursday, April 30th at 11:00am EST in order to qualify.
Again, all submissions must be received by Thursday, May 21st at 11:00am EST in order to qualify. The band will then choose the Top 10 contestants. We will then post the selected Top 10 video speeches in the Contests section. A poll will then be set up in the Message Board for you (SPCRew members) to vote your new mods into position (subject to management/band final approval)! There you have it. Now go get started on your speeches and good luck!

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on 24 Jun '08

The band has created an amazing new application for your computer, FanBase, that the fan club gets to be the first to check out! Get access to the latest on Simple Plan 24/7 on your desktop. Download FanBase to chat with other fans, easily find the latest news, photos, and videos on the guys from all over the internet and more!

The FanBase desktop application is still in beta and is being released to SPCrew fan club members before it goes public! We want you to test it out, play around and take the survey telling us what you think. Once you do, you'll be entered to win a Simple Plan Fan Pack!

Click here to download FanBase now, and tell us what you think!