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10 years later, at the London show.

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on 03 May '12

It's been 10 years as a fan, 10 years of a journey that I'm so grateful for since I was 11. 10 years of changes and a love that will never end. Words have an impact , Words have emotions and the music and lyrics has led me to this gig in London. I've seen Simple plan before, in 2008, twice in that year infact, but this was different because of how long it has been.

All I can say for this concert, is that it was amazing, the songs, the band, the crowd, everything felt like a dream. With the energy that I had from the build up at We the Kings set, I sang every song with sincerity and happiness. I love hearing the crowd sing back to the band, especially in Addicted. One of the highlights of the gig was the NPNHJB medleyof songs , I was so surprised, that I nearly cried!. I think Seb was actually meant to throw the pick at me, because it actually bounced off my head and I didn't realise until I opened my eyes after singing Astronaut!

As Simple plan played This song saved my life, I sang with my eyes closed, hand raised high, I ended up crying. It wasn't sad tears, but it was happy tears, for the reminiscent fact of how much things have changed the past year, that I found motivation through this band aswell as others, that i'm on my way to getting better. I think I noticed Seb looking at me, as I opened my eyes, but he looked the other way as he played his guitar.
This song has affected me a lot the past year or so and I'm thankful for that.

I'm grateful for this band to come in to my life at a young age, growing up with them, and experiencing life and learning so much. I can never appreicate them enough. 10 years ago, I was a kid aged 11, facing new experiences with high school, and different things. Now 21, still listening to the same band but with different goals and aspirations, and learning so much more.

Here's to another 10 years.



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