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1st May 2012 London Concert (my first blog)

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on 02 May '12

OMG! last night was the best I've ever had ;)

At the soundcheck SP were Playing a cover of "All The Small Things" blink 182, that was awesome ;P First I met Jeff, we've shock hands and he asked what my name was and mums ;) he was really down to earth. Next was Seb, he was really sweet and siad he remembers us, and then we stared talking about his video of him being an ninja XD Then it was Pierre, he was really nice he asked where we come from (which I'm not gonna say on here, but it only took us an 2 hour drive to get to London) took a pic with me and Pierre, and Pierre siad "Would you like a photo taken, cuz you've traveled along way" I was surprised cuz she hates her photo taken. Next was Chuck, he asked me what my name was and he thought it was a beautiful name ;) Thank You Chuck. Finally David, it was a little rush, cuz he was taking a long to get around everyone and we only about 15/20 minutes till the doors open. I think he remembered us too cuz he said "Hello you two", then mum said "I really like your shoes" they were sparkling or glitter shoes?! He siad "Thank you I like your shoes too" mum just had plain black vans on ;) It was nice to see them again ;D  

The concert was awsome! The crowd were amazing, the band were amazing, the songs they played were amazing ;P I could just on, and on, and on about it XD We The Kings were good too.

SP ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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