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2.27.13 - Seb & Chuck Chat Transcript

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on 01 Mar '13


- This is 99.8% accurate. I wasn't able to hear every detail, but I most definitely got the important stuff. I went word by word as much as I can. Which means, yes... I did include the um's and uhh's... Enjoy! -

- Please do not post this transcript outside of the fan club forum. Thank you - Tasha -

Chuck: Is this fixed? Are we okay? Alright?.. Man, that was a lot of trouble. That was crazy! Wow!
Alright. Here we go? got it! What's up? Yeah? I don't know if Sebastien is gonna come. I hope so! I think he is.
Sorry for all the trouble guys. Uh? This is crazy! With all the cameras? hold on.. is this Sebastien? OH YEAH!!!! Come on!

Sebastien: Nice hair! Yeah, this is going on? yeah my hair is a mess too. It's alright. I cleaned it today so it's all poofy. It always looks better when it's dirty.

Chuck: It's looking good Sebastien. Looking better than mine.

Sebastien: Oh you can't see it cause it's too white, but there's like this crazy? oh you can't see? crazy? snow storm right now. Craaazyy? I think this chat is just gonna be you and me catching up. Ha ha? all the kids are gonna be commenting on what we say.

Chuck: I'm cool with that. We can answer a few questions or we can? you know? catch up. What's up? Where are you? In the studio?

Sebastien: Yeah? I'm just at home taking a break from doing some keyboard? guitar stuff. What about you?

Chuck: Just chillin? just chillin? you know? I didn't do any music today, I'm not gonna lie. I was productive.

Sebastien: It's good to break. Productive on different fronts I bet.

Chuck: Ah you know I try my best. I try my best. I did go run outside a little bit. Little jogging. You know?

Sebastien: Look at you Mr. Healthy.

Chuck: Yeah? I'm trying. I'm trying? I'm trying. So um, what's new? There's a lot of people! Like 240 people and they are very disciplined. There's no cameras anymore? aha?

Sebastien: Thank you for that! It was actually? actually? I logged on right at 4 and then there was about ? I don't know? like 25 cameras at the same time and then there was so much noise. So that's why they had to? to?

Chuck: I think there was a glitch in the? in the chat system. I don't know what happened. I'm not really like a tech guy. But.. we're really sorry about it.

Sebastien: We're a little sorry.

Chuck: Now we're back!

Sebastien: It's working out now.

Chuck: You're not sorry, right?

Sebastien: No! No! I'm sorry too. It's just.. it always happens it seems. But now we're full on!

Chuck: I know? we're frickin rocking?

Sebastien: There's too many comments for me to read them.

Chuck: Going really fast, huh?

Sebastien: Yeah!! Can't wait to see you at rock and ring. Can't wait to see you? rocking in the park.

Chuck: I saw that! Mexico? from Ecuador?

Sebastien: Peru, Switzerland..

Chuck: Quebec *Insert french here* Woah it's going fast! Finland, Brazil? WOW! How fast is this? It's crazy!

Sebastien: *laughs *

Chuck: Spain, Argentina, England. Everybody's in the house.

Sebastien: My dentist is calling.

Chuck: What?

Sebastien: My dentist.. I'll call back.

Chuck: Oh the dentist.

Sebastien: Yeah I'll call back.

Chuck: Your teeth are fine. You can call him back. You're good. Very straight? very straight.

Sebastien: Yeah?

Chuck: Like a wolf.

Sebastien: Like a wolf *Laughs* Awesome! I'll take that as a compliment.

*Sebastien starts speaking a lot of french? I'm sorry I don't know french? *

Chuck: Fran?ais? oh Fran?ais..

Sebastien: So big news uh? I know! I know we keep saying 'soon' but the "This song saved my life" video is coming out very 'soon'.

Chuck: For real, people make fun of me cause I always say 'soon'. And then like? I get in trouble cause it's not that soon.

Sebastien: But it is coming out soon. It's because we used so much of the fan footage and content that we need to clear everything and that's whats taking a long time. So um?

Chuck: It's taking forever? like we? I guess um? when you're a? you know?when you're on a multinational record label like we are, It's a little complicated? there's a lot of legal fees you know?

** Seb's phone rings **

Chuck: That dentist is not giving up. He wants to talk to you.

Sebastien: *laughs* and now he's texting me. No, but.. uh? it's the best reason to be late with the video because we wanted more fans. So that's why it's late. So I guess? I guess it's a good reason.

Chuck: Exactly! So we're sorry it's taking a long time, I feel bad because I did say in January that it will be coming soon and now we're almost in March? well not there yet..

Sebastien: Well you know what?

Chuck: What?

Sebastien: Last summer? at the beginning of summer I saw a preview for the Bilbo movie and it said "Soon to a theatre near you" and that soon meant like 6 months later. So I think we're still good.

Chuck: Well you know what? Soon has a lot of different meanings, you know what I mean? Soon can mean in 2 minutes or soon can be in like 2 months. It's all relative.

Sebastien: Absolutely!

Sebastien: So uh? what are you doing tomorrow?

Chuck: Huh?

Sebastien: What are you doing tomorrow?

Chuck: What am I doing tomorrow? Um? I don't know yet. Uh? I'm a little lost when I'm not on tour. ** Sebastien laughs* I don't know what to do with myself. So, like? I can do anything I want today and I'm like? Ah? I wish I was on tour, you know what I mean?

Sebastien: Yeah! This way you know what you have to do.

Chuck: Interview, soundcheck, you know? concert. It's a lot easier? hanging out with the fans. But now it's like? I don't know what to do.

Sebastien: So two weeks from now you'll be very happy.

Chuck: Yeah? it's Chuck's day off, you know? He doesn't know what to do. Um.. I might go hit some golf balls, maybe?

Sebastien: You should!

Chuck: Most likely I'm gonna have breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Sebastien: That's always a good plan. Yeah.

Chuck: A pretty much guarantee? I might watch a movie.

Sebastien: Oh man I actually watched the whole Oscars, which is something I never do. For many reasons, and one of the reasons I realize, is because I don't really love sitting in front of the TV for 4 hours. But uh... I watched this time because Seth Macfarlane was hosting?

Chuck: Yeah, you're a big fan, right?

Sebastien: Big fan!

Chuck: Did you like him?

Sebastien: Yes I did! I think it's hard to be. I think, I think? you're either Billy Crystal where you're just nice and entertaining everyone or you're Seth Macfarlane or Ricky Gervais so you're just making fun of everyone and that's you know.. it's interesting?

Chuck: He got criticized a lot, but I thought he was pretty funny.

Sebastien: I thought the boob song was awesome!

Chuck: Yeah? I'm sure you loved that one.

Sebastien: It was really funny!

Chuck: I like him. Oh I know! It was uh.. I thought he was uh? he has some very clever moments. I'm happy Argo won. You know I'm a big fan of Ben Affleck and that movie was really good. Did you see it?

Sebastien: I have no seen it, but I do have to admit that you sort of have the Ben Affleck look today.

Chuck: You know I get that all the time!

Sebastien: *laughs*

Chuck: That's my one comparison. I always get Ben Affleck? I think it's the chin.

Sebastien: The chin and the uh? confidence I think.

Chuck: Yeah? I like that. The smile. The million dollar smile? maybe?

Sebastien: Absolutely! Yeah, there you go! Okay? I think we should pay attention to what people are saying.

Chuck: I think his speech was great and it was a good movie, but I also liked Zero Dark Thirty and I am bummed it didn't win.

Sebastien: Yeah! They can't all win I guess? huh?

Chuck: I know? okay? yeah? Okay so maybe we should answer some questions? What do you think?

Sebastien: Yeah I think we should. *laughs* I was about to hang up. Alright good catching up with you Chuck. See you next time and just shut the computer off.

Chuck: Oh no no.

Sebastien: Okay, questions!

Chuck: Actually it's kind of a bummer because we talked yesterday. We cached up on everything yesterday. I called you up.

Sebastien: Yup! *chuckles*

Chuck: Man we should have saved the conversation for this chat!

Sebastien: We should have! But it might have been a little too personal for the public. Public uh?

Chuck: Maybe? that's true. We do talk about personal things when we get on the phone you know what I mean? We tend to get see?. Hey! Is your show on tonight? Man of the hour?

Sebastien: Yes! Live at 8 tonight. Have you seen the tweets I've been making today? I find myself extremely hilarious. But I say? Make sure you don't miss the show the critics call *laughs* Yup? It's pretty funny.

Chuck: The critics say it's gonna be the 3rd one of the season?

Sebastien: Yup! I thought it was very funny.

Chuck: Very clever!

Sebastien: I make myself laugh sometimes.

Chuck: I'm a big fan of your show. I've been actually uh? this season? I didn't missed 1 episode so far.

Sebastien: I know! That's awesome! I've see that. That's great!

Chuck: I don't know. I think it's great. You guys are doing a great job. Good music. A lot of new songs to discover. So check it out tonight on idobi radio,


Chuck: there you go. Man of the hour tonight 8pm easter time.

Sebastien: Definitely a lot of good bands out there? so? it's becoming very easy to pick out the songs. So that's good!

Chuck: You know what song you should play that's really good?

Sebastien: which one?

Chuck: A song called 'Timeless'. Have you heard it?

Sebastien: By who?

Chuck: By hold on? let me tell you. One second.. Eric?

Sebastien: Let me use?

Chuck: I got the song yesterday. Airborne toxic event!

Sebastien: Okay yeah I'll youtube it.

Chuck: Hold on a second! Did I actually introduce you to a new band that you don't know?

Sebastien: Yes! *laughs* You stay aware. You know what you're doing.

Chuck: You know every band.

Sebastien: We have a lot of fun new things tonight actually, so I'm sure you'll enjoy it?. Okay, okay? let's read a little bit of the comments. I feel bad right now.

Chuck: I feel like I'm in 'There's something about Mary'

Sebastien: *laughs* Really? You know what that means, huh?

Chuck: Yeah I know? it's not what happened.

Sebastien: No? Okay!

Chuck: Okay, a few questions now. Oh god it's going so fast.

Sebastien: I'm seeing some comments about Rock in Rio. I'm not sure when that is or I don't even know how to be on that show, but it seems like it's a petition every year. Is that how it works?

Chuck: It's a big campaign online and on twitter and some websites to uh get us to play it and I would love to. It's one dreams when I was a kid. I used to watch Guns n' roses play Rock in Rio. I thought they were uh? It was so cool! It was so many people. So I would love to do it! So if all you people in Brazil wanna help us, you know, please do!

Sebastien: Yeah! I guess it's up to us whether we play it or not. So? It's up to you!

Chuck: yeah, yeah, yeah?

Chuck: So Rock in Rio? lotsa comments about different countries. We have some shows coming up! We're coming? we're going to Asia in what? 2 weeks, Seb?

Sebastien: Yeah 2 weeks we're hitting Indonesia first then uh we're actually um coming back to Toronto for CMW. Canadian music week and THEN back in Asia.

Chuck: I would say it's not the most efficient way of traveling is going from North America to Jakarta, Jakarta to North America. North America to China.

Sebastien: It's the best way to get miles though. Bam!

Chuck: That's true! Status!

Sebastien: Status! You are correct!

Chuck: So yeah, we're gonna do that. We're gonna play in China 2 shows. In Beijing and China. We're gonna play in Japan at Punk Springs with Weezer and NoFX. It's gonna be fun!

Sebastien: I know! So many great bands. I can't wait to be ? I can't wait to be on that show. That's gonna be a lot of fun. Good time in Japan, always. And then uh..

Chuck: Europe in June.

Sebastien: Yes!

Sebastien: Can we say??

Chuck: A lot has been announced.

Sebastien: Wait? okay..

Chuck: 30 seconds to mars.

Sebastien: Oh cool!

Chuck: HIM? or H-I-M. Do you pronounce it HIM or H-I-M?

Sebastien: I think it's HIM. I think it's HIM. Uh? we have a show in Austria. We have some shows in Russia. Yup? there you go.

Chuck: We're back in Vienna at the Gasometer and the other countries? Well trust me? we will? we always tour, um, we don't have anything else to announce right now, but when we do, we will.. and um..

Sebastien: Of course!

Chuck: When we make the new record or the new EP, we will definitely be touring more so. So please be patient. We just did a whole world tour so you know? we're coming back.

Sebastien: I think this a weird?

Chuck: I love?

Sebastien: what do you love?

Chuck: this!

Sebastien: Yeah It's kinda rad. If feels like we are.. should do this more often. Uh? This is a weird moment where we either keep on touring hold on? my hand has to be in it. Keep on touring but with the same songs, or make new songs for a new tour. So? we after a little while we always favour new songs. So we're sort of resting and writing for the next album and then obviously back on tour.

Chuck: Yeah? it's a catch 22 because all the fans want us to keep touring and they also want new songs so we got to make a decision here. So we're gonna do a little bit of touring and a lot of new songs.

Sebastien: I'm the type of guy that when I'm a fan of the band and the album comes out, I will play it non stop for 2 weeks then I'm already ready for the next one. So if you're that type of fan as well then that means you're a year and a half overdue for some new Simple Plan material. So fear not. It's coming!

Chuck: Alright.

Sebastien: I'm alright?

Chuck: We have a few more questions.

Sebastien: Sure? is there? was there any legit questions going on? Or just a bunch of? Oh DVD! That's a question that keeps coming back right now. Yes! DVD!

Chuck: Well.. question about all the projects, you know? So many things. New songs, DVD. I think we're just trying to figure out the five of us what is the best way to release all this great stuff that we have. You know?

Sebastien: Yes! We know.

Chuck: It's complicated. We're not sure what format exactly. Trust me, you will have new music out and you will have out live footage from Melbourne to come out, In some time away? this year.

Sebastien: Yes!

Chuck: I was about to say 'soon', but I don't wanna say soon. So let me rephrase that. You will have new music and or DVD thing, live package thing before the next record comes.

Sebastien: Bam! That is the best way say it.

Chuck: The best way to put it.

Sebastien: And you heard it here! There is a next record. Now that we've cleared THAT? we should just talk about other things? like? the weather. Yeah.. hold on I'm trying to read?

Chuck: You know one place we haven't been that I really wanna go?? Turkey! We have to go one day.

Sebastien: We have to go! It's on our bucket list.

Chuck: I just wanna go there for myself. Not even? you know? I hear it's pretty cool.

Sebastien: you should go there tomorrow. You don't have plans.

Chuck: you know I might just do it. I might just do it?

Sebastien: I'm sure you have enough points. Airline points.

Chuck: There's a direct flight. Turkish airlines? I saw it!

Sebastien: There you go! *laughs*

Sebastien: Hey? um? I've got a question to ask. Now that it's been out for a little bit and you've got over it. How did you guys enjoy the Simple Plan book?

Chuck: Ahh? that's a good question. Yeah? I still? honestly I still look at it all the time. I'm so proud of it.

Sebastien: I think it's kind of? I love talking about it actually. It's pretty awesome.

Chuck: It's one of my favourite thing we ever like released? well? outside of albums, obviously. But I'm saying like.. I guess it's not really merch but it's one of the coolest things we've ever done. How about that?

Sebastien: It is! It definitely is.

Chuck: *yawns* woop sorry. You're not boring me. Don't take it like that.

Sebastien: *laughs* okay I won't. I just? I just can't read. I'm hoping you're enjoying looking at me and Chuck talk about projects and stuff cause it's really hard figure out what you guys are saying.

Chuck: It's rolling so fast. It's like rolling down the highway. Crazy! Any shows this summer? Yes there will be some shows this summer. I'm not sure exactly where or when, but there will be shows.

Sebastien: I see what's your favourite kiss on the face? a kiss on the cheeks. Like a friendly "Oh hey, how you doing" kinda kiss. You know? I saw what's your favourite toothpaste. Mine was the kids flavoured Aqua fresh for kids. That was my favourite one.

Chuck: Oh really? I'm a crest kind of guy.

Sebastien: Oh no? I use that? but my favourite one was. That's what it was? yeah..

Chuck: I gotcha? I gotcha?

Chuck: Is David still alive? I can confirm David's alive. I talked to him yesterday. He is alive!

Sebastien: I saw him tweet. So I assume he's alive and well enough to tweet.

Chuck: A tweet? That's crazy!

Sebastien: Random, right? Pierre is alive!

Chuck: People are? Hey, people are asking me how Prancer is doing.

Sebastien: Oh wow?

Chuck: And Zia? that's your cat, right?

Sebastien: Where is she? She was sleeping earlier.

*Chuck shows off puppy*

Chuck: A pooch! Prancer! How you doing buddy? Say hi! Come on? there you go. He's a star. He was in our video for a Serious man. You know what I'm saying? How you doing buddy? C'mon. It's a very masculine chat going on?

*Sebastien holds up Zia his cat*

Chuck: I think so? Come on Prancer say Hi! Say Bonjour. Come on.. There's gonna fight. They are going grrr? This dog is so funny. He's really small and he's all white and he's racist. So if I walk him and we see uh? we see uh? a white dog. No problem. He's cool? friends with them and everything. He sees any other colour of dog? No joke! Doesn't matter how big they are or small, like I'm talking Doberman, Pitt bull, and he goes like? he wants to kill them.

Sebastien: Weird.

Chuck: I think he's kinda like suicidal I guess. He will attack a German Shepard. Whatever.

Sebastien: That's crazy! THe best dog story ever was when we uh went to Vietnam at the beginning of last summer to play a charity concert with MTV EXIT and we uh? ventured on in the? north of vietnam and took a tour of the very beautiful region but kind of poor, and the kids over there? one of them was telling me they have cows at their farm to help them work and they have pigs and they have dogs and I was like "Oh what's the name of your dog" and she's like "Oh they don't have names. You know.. Black dog, yellow dog" I'm like "Why don't they have names?" because they eat the dogs! Of course? and apparently the yellow dog is the best dog.

Chuck: We lost connection!

Sebastien: What? I'm still here.

Chuck: That is cray? that is crazy! You were like frozen? frozen in the moment of beauty, you know? Yeah.. exactly. Yeah.. cool. Anything else Sebastien you wanna add to this chat?

Sebastien: I've got nothing else.

Chuck: I had a good time.

Sebastien: I'm very happy I got to see all your names.

Chuck: We should do another chat soon.

Sebastien: Yeah! It's an extremely fast paced chat. So yeah. Thank you all for logging on.

** They go off in a french rant?. Chat? merci, merci? that's all I understood.**

Chuck: Abrigado

Sebastien: Gracias

** more french **

Chuck: Thank you guys! We love you! Thank you SPCrew fan club. We appreciate you all your support. We'll see you soon! Bye Sebastien! Have a good day! Have a good night! I'm gonna check out your show on the radio.

Sebastien: Perfect! It's starts in 3 hours so uh? Make sure you're there! Peace!

Chuck: I'm gonna get ready for that. It's gonna take me about 3 hours to get ready.

Sebastien: *laughs* Awesome! Alright! See ya! Peace!

Chuck: Cheers! Bye Bye!

*Seb signs off*

Chuck: Hi! Now it's just me! Haha take care guys. Love you! Bye!

If anyone got a screen cap of the pets, please send me the link and I will post it up here along with the proper credit. If you'd like.

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