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on 18 Jun '12

Well, the other day I said I was really nervous, you can't imagine how nervous I'm right now, they put the Soundcheck thing and I hope I can have it because it's my dream to meet them, hug them and thanks them for their music, for how happy they made me in so many moments, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, I want it to be Friday right now :SSSSS

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lm sure your dream will come

lm sure your dream will come true mine did here in melbourne Australia we had the biggest soundcheck party in the world 168 of us and they met all of us so hav faith u will get in lm sure of it :) goodluck  giv them all a big aussie hug from me :)

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1 week 2 days
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Yeah Sasha I was there too!

Yeah Sasha I was there too! It was amazing! I am having SP withdrawals! I am so bored at work I am thinking of buying a ticket to Europe to see one of their shows haha! :P Btw, if you have fb, join my SP austrlian group:

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