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6 Days I maybe now I can get a soundcheck. I'm in love!!!!

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on 10 Apr '12
Ok, I am so excited now that I will NEVER be able to sleep tonight.. Not that I usually sleep good or more than 3h but anyways.. 

They just posted on SPCrew (Simple Plans Fan Club) that they are doing a Soundcheck Party Opps and of course they are doing it in Stockholm... Which is perfect for me since I am free and I'm going all by myself to The SP Show anyways!

I met them at Warped Tour last year in Ventura,CA for about 20sec when they signed my CD.
This Soundcheck Party Opp would actually be a real meeting with the guys!! :)
I hope I get a chance to tell them how much they mean to me and how many times their music has saved me from doing something stupid. Both small and big things.. and of course tell them the cheesiest line ever "You're Music Literally Saved My Life"! But it's also so extremely true!!
I also have to show them my SP tattoo again!
OMG, I so hope I get it! Then I get to meet them. I need to calm down though.. Because otherwise I will be so extremely disappointed if I don't get it!! Time to breath and stay calm.. Ok, I think it's working.. Anyways, just wanted to share that one of my dreams could possibly be true in less than 1 week!!
Okey, now it's really 2:20am and I have 1h left on my movie//trying to calm myself down before sleeping.. Wish me luck.. I might get at the most 4h of sleep if.. yeah.. NEVER gonna happened!!
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