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Calling Astronauts

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on 12 Jun '13

have you ever felt like you are trapped in a place where you don't want to be or had a big dream and you felt that you can't make it true? Well that's just how I'm feel in this moment. Today I had a horrible day and I'm feel pretty bad. I have a very big dream but sometimes I really feel that I can't make it true and it's so frustrating. All that I want to do is scream u.u In this moment I think that my song is "Welcome to my life" because is just how I'm feeling right now.
Maybe you think "why this girl tell us this?" Well I tell you this because the SP Family is like my second family and all the astronauts, for me, are my brothers and maybe I don't know you but you are an important part of my life.
Love you Astronauts <3

Marissa, México City.

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I would understand how you

I would understand how you feel. Had a rough day as well myself. In and out of school. I dont even have my own room to play my music to enjoy :c Whenever you feel like you need to talk to someone, please feel free to talk to me or anyone else here in our SPfamily :))

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I really like this post. I

I really like this post. I feel a lot like this most of the time. I am glad that I can find people here that feel the same way that I do. Thank you for posting this.

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