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Yay! Blogging! 0 n/a
Blog Away, SPCrew 1
First show coming up 0 n/a
a little about myself 0 n/a
We want a second US Tour lol 1
Soundcheck EE Montreal 2
Canadian Tour 0 n/a
Gonna attempt this.. 0 n/a
Sebs GYHO pin 0 n/a
Canadian Shows should... 2
Brand Spankin' New 1
Thanks Simple Plan! 0 n/a
Montreal !! 1
Who keeps me holding on? 1
U.S tour? 0 n/a
Canadian Tour! 7
U.S tour? 0 n/a
Trade a Personalize Simple Plan South Park calendar for a Simple Plan Beach Ball 0 n/a
Love for Chuck and Jeff! 1
First SP Crew blog 0 n/a
Guitar 0 n/a
London soundcheck party 0 n/a
count down is almost over! 3
GYHO! Winnipeg. 3
Soundcheck parties/meet&greets!! 3