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I Can Wait Forever

Topicsort descendingRepliesCreatedLast reply
Patrick 3 part mini series 6
Backstage Access [FanFic] 54
You Keep Me Holding On ALTERNATIVE!! 39
Carried on Wings of Hope[fanfiction] 153
i'll meet you there,no matter where life takes us(one shot) 4
?And how I miss someone to hold [To Katie. Shot] <33 31
a story i was writing 27
I'm Never Letting Go [David Desrosiers] [One Shot] 24
First Kiss * Jeff / David * One shot * (kissing / swearing) 17
shaking [pierre/david slash stand alone] 3
18+ Short Story [David Desrosiers] 13
How could this happen to us--Holy Fuck an UPDATE april 4,11 31
id do anything... (fan fic) 16
(New Name) I just wanna SCREAM--prologue+Chapter 1 11
Love Can Find You No Matter Where You Are (updated 6/15 FIN) 68
Leave the Past in the Past. as if i could *fan fic* 2
A Bad Hero.. ?! 15
Second Chances For Life Chapter 17 (mcfly/sp) FINISHED 26
Is everybody going Crazy?(simple plan mystery story) 117
Carrie - A story through Dylans eyes. 137
Untitled (a song i wrote for my friend who commited suicide 2
You're sorry? Goodbye 1
Just For Show(NC17 and non SP) 5
Everybody has a story..... whats yours? 7
To Cold (a random poem i wrote, nothing to do with SP) 25