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Take My Hand

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Welcome to the Crew - new members, READ 16
I'm baaaaaaaaaaack 0 n/a
Come chat with me! 0 n/a
SPCrew Pre-order Calgary Tickets 0 n/a
anyone near ft myers florida ? 0 n/a
Looking for SP Fans in Ontario, Canada 0 n/a
Glad to Be back!! 0 n/a
Nova Scotia Fans 0 n/a
I am also from Australia 0 n/a
SP fans, Add me on facebook! 0 n/a
Happy Chinese New Year!! 0 n/a
Hi I am new to spcrew 0 n/a
new member 0 n/a
Official member since December 16th! 0 n/a
SPFamily 0 n/a
New austrian member says Servus 0 n/a
Hello :) 0 n/a
Hello from France 0 n/a
Hi from Switzerland 0 n/a
Anyone from washington? 0 n/a
heey i'm new :) 0 n/a
comment if ur a guy 0 n/a
just me.... and random thoughts :D 0 n/a
You are all amazing <3 0 n/a
Well, I'm back.. What's new? 0 n/a