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Don't call me Peanut (Pierre fic)

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on 02 Aug '12

Pierre Bouvier has it, fame, the perfect girl...but when someone from his past shows up, his life get flipped upside down, and he's forced to deal with a past he's run from since he was 17...a life no one but him and her, and his best friend know about...a life he'll do anything to keep it secret

Ch 1- Rock Show

Having to start your life over at the age of 17 isn?t really as easy at it sounds, especially when for the past three years you?ve either been too drunk, or high to care about anything. I guess I should take a few steps back?my name is Lyric. Lyric Bouvier to be exact?my brother is the famous Pierre Bouvier, but sadly he never talks about me. He moved out of my dads house when he was 17 and never looked back, and speaking honestly?I can?t blame him, I wanted to leave too. The only reason I know he?s famous, is because I?ve seen his face in a magazine once or twice. In the past four years I?ve talked to my brother a total of maybe 5 times?and it was always very short. He?s refused to talk to me, I guess having a druggy sister is bad for his image.

But none of that matters now, I?m 2 months and four days clean, and I?m ready to start my life over again?the only problem? I have no where to go, my dad refused to take me back in, not that I wanted to go back. I sort of asked him as a courtesy. And my mom? She left us when were kids, and I haven?t seen or talked to her since, so she?s not an option. Pierre is my only chance, and I?m just hoping he has a heart, and takes me in, but to be honest?I?m expecting him to say no. After all he doesn?t really have a reason to say yes.

It took me a few months to track him down, mostly because when you?re trapped inside a rehab center, you don?t have very much access to the outside world, plus I had to wait for something to be posted on his bands website, since I don?t know his phone number anymore. Now I?m in some town in Ontario Canada waiting in the blistering cold, for a show my brother is supposed to be at. The tricky part? Finding a way to be able to talk to him.

?Who?s you?re favorite?? a small blonde girl asked in excitement as she bounced on her toes.
I turned around and looked at her oddly for a moment. Truth is?I don?t know any of these guys except Chuck and my brother?but I?ve only met Chuck a few times.
?Ummm,? I answered nervously scratching my head. ?Pierre?he?s always been really nice.?
?Oh my god!? she squealed loudly. ?He?s my absolute favorite!? she ranted as she bounced around some more, making her blonde curls bounce on her head. ?He?s just so hot!?
I looked at this girl and forced myself to smile?I?ve never thought of my brother as hot?he?s just?.my brother. The guy who used to steal all my candy, and force me to stay in the closet when ever he had his girlfriend come over?
?I?m Beth Ann by the way,? she grinned holding out her hand.
?Lyric,? I answered softly shaking her hand. ?Do you know when the doors open? Or how I can meet the guys??
?Ohh?they usually come out and sign after every show,? she explained. ?Or I know you can join the fan club?and then you get inside and stuff for a meet and greet.?
?Fanclub?? I asked in confusion.
I don?t remember reading anything about a fanclub on the website?then again, I wasn?t really looking for something like that, I?ve never even heard any of their songs?My head is still stuck back in the ?Reset? days.
?Yeah!? she answered in a duh tone. ?It?s the SPCrew?it?s really awesome.?
?You a member?? I guessed by looking down at the white T-shirt she had on that said SPCrew.
?Of course!? she beamed. ?Have been for like two years now??
Before we had the chance to talk about anything else, I heard a familiar sounding voice behind me. I turned around and saw Chuck standing next to a rather large security guard waiting to speak to us waiting outside. Looking at Chuck, I can tell he hasn?t really changed much over the past few years?actually everything about him is exactly the same as I remember him, not even his hair style has changed. He?s a little more muscular now?but that?s about it.
?Hey guys,? Chuck grinned looking at us. ?I know it?s freezing cold out here, but we?re running a little bit late,? he frowned. ?But sound check should start in like ten minutes or so?so just hang tight okay??
?Do you get to meet the band after sound check?? I asked turning to look back at Beth Ann.
?Yeah,? she smiled. ?They?ll play like five or so songs?sometimes more?and then they come down and hang out with us for a while??
I nodded my head before turning back to look at the doors to the venue. I have to get inside for sound check. It?s the perfect way for me to be able to talk to my brother. Now I just have to get in?.some how?I looked around and found a small plastic badge on lying on the ground. I walked over and picked it up and looked at it. V.I.P. Pass was written on the front, and on the back it said SPCrew with the name Paige Addison written on the bottom. I looked down at the pass for a few more minutes before finally making up my mind. I slipped the badge into my back pocket and walked back towards the line.
I know I should feel terrible about this, and believe me I do. I feel like scum?but I need to see my brother?and I?m not really the stocking type. So this is my only option. I do feel bad that I?m robbing some poor girl of her chance to meet her favorite band. Maybe when things get squared away with me and Pierre I can give him her name and he can figure something out?yeah that sounds like a good plan.
Another few minutes of waiting before the security guy came down the line and looked at our badges. I pulled mine out of my pocket and handed it to the man when he asked. He read the name on the back of the badge then looked at his list and moved on.
Beth Ann looked at me oddly before asking. ?I thought you said you weren?t a member??
?It?s complicated,? I muttered sourly. ?Please just don?t say anything?I really need to speak to Pierre.?
She looked at me weirdly again before shrugging her shoulders and moving along inside the venue. Once we were inside security checked us, before we were finally aloud inside to the stage area. I walked to a back corner and stood there quietly and waited.

The moment I saw him standing on stage something inside me began to change. That old feeling of a big brothers protection came back. He looks so happy and care free standing up on that stage, and unlike Chuck?Pierre has changed a lot. He got taller that?s for sure, and he?s no longer thin as a rail either. And since when does have tattoos? I remember him telling me how dumb they were, when I was younger, and that if I ever got any he would scrap them off my body with a dull knife. And now look at him, he as a full sleeve on his left arm. I shook my head and chuckled softly before looking at the other guys.
I looked around at the other four guys on the stage with him, I recognized Chuck of course, but the other three? I have no idea who they are. One of them was short, well shorter than Pierre and he had short brown hair, and glasses that remind of Rivers Como, I smiled when I noticed the robot on his guitar. Then there?s the bald guy, who had the stage lights reflecting off his head, he too was holding a guitar. Then there was the bass player, an average height guy?with black hair, and a smile to die for. His pants looked like there were a little too tight, but he wore them well...

I was yanked out of my thoughts when I heard someone say something to me.
?Hey,? the one with glasses smiled. ?What song do you want us to play?? he asked looking at me.
?Me?? I stuttered out pointing to myself.
They all looked at me and smiled as they nodded their heads. Why of the multiple girls and guys in this room did he have to ask me? I don?t know the name of any of their damn songs?.
?Perfect,? I smiled sarcastically. I was about to open my mouth to say something else when they started playing a song.
?Nice choice,? the girl next to me grinned. ?There?s always one person at these things that makes them play ?Perfect?.?
Okay, now I know that they have a song called ?Perfect??see I?m learning things about my brother already. A few more songs were played before they came down to talk to us.

The first one to talk to me was the bald one.
?Hey,? he greeted holding out his hand. ?I?m Jeff.?
I took his hand and shook it forcing myself to smile. ?Lyric.?
?Lyric?? he asked with a smile. ?That?s a name you don?t hear too often.?
?Yeah,? I smiled feeling my cheeks flush. ?My dad was sort of a music junkie??
?It?s pretty,? he smiled. ?I like it.?
?Thanks,? I laughed not really sure what to do next.
?Picture?? he asked with a smile.
?Sure,? I smiled.
I pulled out my cell phone and set it on the camera before posing for a picture with Jeff. Before I even I had a chance to turn around I felt someone else hug me. I turned around and looked at Chuck. He stared at me for a moment before a grin spread across his face.
?I?m Chuck,? he introduced.
?I know who you are dip shit. You?re my brothers best friend, and you have been for years. You used to sneak over to my house at all hours of the night, and my brother used to sneak out to your house as well. Plus you used to help me with my science homework?and we played video games, you even taught me my times tables. Of course I know you!?
?Lyric,? I answered softly with yet another forced smile.
Chuck smiled widely before saying something else. ?Are you from here?? he asked.
?No,? I answered with a shrug. ?I was born in Montreal?but then I moved to Ottawa for a while??
?What brings you all the way to Vancouver then?? he smirked.
?You guys of course,? I lied.
Well it?s not actually a lie?I am here for them?well one of them any way. As I stood there with Chuck I couldn?t help but want to hug him. In all truth, I?ve missed him just as much if not a little more than I missed Pierre. Chuck was the other older brother I would never have.
?Well then?I hope we don?t disappoint you since you came so far,? he nodded before we took a picture.
?I?m sure you won?t,? I said as he walked away.
I stood by myself for a whole two seconds before the guys with glasses came over to talk to me.
?Hello,? he grinned.
Wow he has amazing blue eyes?and that smile?how on earth does one get to look so damn good?
?Hi,? I answered with a smile.
?You having fun?? he asked.
?Yeah,? I beamed. ?This is actually a lot cooler than I thought it would be,? I nodded. ?Wait?that isn?t what I meant??
?No it?s all good,? he laughed with a shrug ?You hear the words ?party? and you think about cake and drinks?we don?t have either of those here?so I don?t know why they call it a party.?
I was standing there talking to him when I got this feeling that I knew him some how?but I can?t put my finger on it. I want to say that his name starts with an S I think?
?Either way,? I laughed. ?It?s been fun?and it was great to say hi.?
?I love your shirt!? he beamed as his eyes sparkled in excitement.
I looked down at my black t-shirt with Darth Vader on the front. It read ?I?m to Epic to fail? in big letters?nothing to special.
?Thank you,? I answered looking down at it. ?You a star wars fan??
?Totally!? he grinned. ?I even went and saw the first movie when they released it in 3D last month.?
?I?m totally jelly of that,? I admitted. ?I wasn?t able to go see it.?
Glasses boy and I stood around and talked for a while longer before he said he had to go.
He stepped forward and gave me a hug, which actually made me feel better for a few seconds, until he let me go. I met the bass player next, who was extremely nice and also very funny. He kept cracking jokes and making me laugh?he even told me how to cure a hangover, I resisted the urge to tell him I already knew all the tricks.

?Hello,? he beamed.
I turned around and looked up at my brother.
?Hi,? I stammered out.
?You okay?? he asked looking at me oddly. ?You aren?t going to like pass out on me are you? Cause I had a girl do that at the last show we were at??
?No,? I answered nervously. ?I just?I can?t believe I found you??
?Found me?? he asked in confusion. ?I?m right here??
It was in that moment that I realized?my big brother is standing right in front of me?but he has zero idea of who I am. Then again why should he? He hasn?t seen me in years?
?I know,? I answered shaking my head to clear my thoughts. ?I just meant?I?ve wanted to see you guys for a long time now?it?s nice to finally be here.?
?I?m glad you could make it,? he grinned. ?What?s your name??
?Lyric,? I answered softly.
?I?ve always liked that name,? he grinned. ?I used to know someone really special with that name. I kinda miss her actually.?
?I?m right here you fucking idiot!?
?I miss you too Peanut,? I said without thinking.
?What did you just call me?? he asked as his face went a little pale.
I swallowed the lump in my throat and looked up at him. ?I said Peanut.?
?Lyric?!? he asked as his soft brown eyes grew wide.
I looked up at him and nodded. For a second I thought he was going to hug me, maybe smile and then ask me about how I?ve been?
?What the fuck are you doing here?!? he growled in anger. ?And how did you find me?!?
?I looked on the website and saw that you were going to be here?,? I stuttered out. ?I just really wanted to talk to you.?
?What part of stay the fuck out of my life did you not understand?!? he hissed in disgust. ?I told you to leave me alone.?
?You?re the only family I?ve got!? I cried looking up at him. ?I don?t have any where else to go.?
?That really isn?t my fucking problem,? he snapped before walking away from me.

I watched my big brother walk away from me, as I felt my heart shatter. This was such a bad idea, I never should have come here. I should have just found a couch to crash on, or maybe a park bench. I had no right to disturb his perfect life. I wiped my nose before turning to walk out of the venue. Most the people had left except for a few stragglers and myself.
?Excuse me Lyric?? Chuck asked tapping my shoulder.
I stopped walking and looked up at him.
?I knew it,? he whispered looking at me. He looked at me for a brief moment before throwing his arms around me pulling me close to him. ?When did you get here? How did you get here??
?I got here this morning,? I answered gently as I held onto him. ?I snuck onto about four busses and a train,? I explained.
?Why didn?t you just call?? he asked pulling my face back from his shoulder. ?We would have gotten you here,? he insisted. ?I would have!?
?Called who?? I scoffed looking up at him. ?You? Or my coward brother who could give two shits about me now?!? I asked on the verge of tears.
?He went through hell,? Chuck growled as his eyes narrowed. ?You know that.?
?I lived with him too,? I hissed in anger. ?It wasn?t just Pierre.?
Chuck looked down at me and let out a sigh. ?Just come back with me,? he pleaded. ?Pierre will talk to you?it just might take some time.?
?I don?t have time,? I cried looking up at Chuck. ?I need him now.?
Chuck looked down at me sympathetically before opening his mouth. ?Just give him a chance?? he begged. ?Please.?
I looked up at him and nodded my head. Maybe he?s right, I just need to give my brother a chance to say what he needs to say, and then he?ll calm down and be willing to work this out. He smiled softly at me before offering me his hand. I slid my hand into his and followed him back stage to my brother.

?Are you sure about this?? I asked nervously. ?He really didn?t want to talk to me earlier??
Chuck shrugged his shoulders before pushing open the door to the dressing room. I looked around for a second before spotting my brother playing some card game with glasses boy, and a small brunette in the corner.

?Pie can I talk to you?? Chuck asked. ?Please??
Pierre looked up with a smile before he noticed me standing next to Chuck.
?No,? Pierre answered firmly. ?I?m pretty sure I already made that clear.?
?Pie come on,? Chuck begged. ?Just five minutes?it won?t kill you.?
Pierre looked down at the table in front of him, and kept his face hard as stone. He?s still really pissed off at me, no it?s worse than that?I think my big brother hates me.
?Peanut please?? I whimpered softly. ?Just hear me out??
The brunette turned her head and looked at me before turning to glare at Pierre. ?Maybe you should talk to her?,? she spat coldly.
?Why?? he hissed coldly. ?I have nothing to say to you.?
?You?re my big brother!? I sobbed out. ?Doesn?t that mean anything anymore?!?
Everyone in the room stopped what they were doing and turned to look at me, before looking at Pierre for answers. I looked down at the ugly carpet as shame crept into my body. I don?t like making scenes?and I don?t want everyone staring at me right now either.
He let out a frustrated growl before standing up and walking over to me. He grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the room into the hall way.

?What?!? he snapped coldly. ?What the fuck do you want from me!??
?Nothing,? I pleaded. ?I just want my brother!?
?I told you after what happen to leave me alone!? he growled. ?I don?t want anything to do with you or him!?
?I said I was sorry!? I pleaded. ?Pierre please!? I sobbed reaching for his hand. ?You?re the only family I?ve got!?
?Sorry doesn?t make up for what you did!? he spat yanking his hand away from me. ?Just stay the fuck out of my life??
?What about the fact that I?m your sister!?? I pleaded. ?The only sister you?ve got!?
?I don?t have a sister,? he answered coldly before walking back in the dressing room shutting the door behind him.
I stood outside the dressing room and cried for a few more seconds before turning to leave. I shouldn?t have come here, he doesn?t want me in his life?and I have to respect that. No matter how much it?s going to hurt. I walked out of the venue and wandered down the street, not really knowing where to go.

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Um. Wow. I really like this. You have me in tears already and it's only the first chapter. :) I really want to know more about Lyric and Pierre's past.

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1 week 5 days
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awe thank you for the nice words! I'll try and update as soon as I can :D

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CH 2- Lost and Found

Once I left the venue I walked down the busy streets until I found a small coffee shop. I dug through my pants pockets and found a five dollar bill. Thank God, for the small things. I ordered a cup of coffee before wandering back outside to try and figure out my next move.

Pierre POV

I was sitting on the couch in the dressing room lost in thought when Chuck came over and sat next to me with a scowl on his face.
?You do realize you have to find her right?? he asked looking over at me, with a stern look on his face. ?You can?t leave your sister on the street. And I won?t let you.?
I looked over at him and rolled my eyes. ?Chuck she made her bed a long time ago,? I answered shaking my head back and forth. ?She can?t change it now.?
?You of all people should understand,? he growled as his brown eyes narrowed. ?Are you really going to judge her?? he scoffed with a glare. ?You went down the same path remember??
?Don?t,? I warned thinly. ?Don?t you dare mention it?or so help me God Comeau?I?ll kick your ass for real,? I growled.
Chuck looked at me as he narrowed his eyes. ?You can?t leave her out there alone?I won?t let you,? he repeated. ?She?s not safe.?
?It?s not your choice,? I growled coldly with a mean glare. ?Stay out of it.?
Jesus! Why can?t people just understand that I don?t want to deal with this? There was a reason I left home at 17 and never went back, and I don?t appreciate people trying to force me back into that life. I?ve worked my ass off these past few years to forget anything and everything from my childhood. And as horrible as it sounds, having Lyric around is only going to pry open old wounds?and I don?t want it.
?I don?t give a damn what you want,? Chuck growled standing up. ?You might be able to turn your back on her?but I can?t,? he hissed. ?She?s your blood for God sake. And the only sister you have! ?
I looked up at Chuck, and tried to think of something to say, but to be honest?there isn?t anything I can say to him. I know what I?m doing to Lyric, and I also know that a majority of what happen when were growing up isn?t her fault, half of it I can promise she doesn?t even know about. But still, call me shellfish but I?m not ready to face that part of my life again, and I won?t.
?Chuck?if you force me to open this door,? I warned sadly shaking my head. ?You aren?t going to like what?s on the other side??
?I?m your best friend,? he shrugged. ?I have been for years?you can?t lie to me about your past?I was there,? he pointed out. ?I saw everything the two of you went through?I even remember hiding you in my basement for a week?so don?t give me that shit,? he finished as he walked away.
Once he was gone I dropped my head back and let out a long sigh. Chuck is semi right?I can?t just leave Lyric on the street, I have to at least help her find somewhere to go. But I don?t even know where the hell she went. Maybe I?ll get lucky and she?ll come back to the show tonight?if not, I guess I have to hunt her down somehow. Besides, just because I talk to Lyric doesn?t mean I have to face my past right? We can have a perfectly normal relationship without ever mentioning our childhoods.

I let out a frustrated sigh and rubbed my hands over my face before standing up and leaving the dress room.

Lyric POV

I was sitting on a bench outside the venue when Beth Ann walked up to me, with a large smile on her face.
?Hey aren?t you going to come back inside?? she asked shielding her eyes from the sun. ?The show is gonna start soon.?
I looked up at her for a second and thought?I could go back inside, but what good would it do? Pierre made it clear he didn?t want to talk to me; I?m not going to keep pushing?that will just get me no where fast. Then again?I am curious about that band of his, and plus Chuck seemed really happy to see me earlier?
?Of course I am,? I lied trying to sound excited. ?It would be a wasted trip if I didn?t see them play!? I grinned standing up.
?They just opened the doors?and we get to go in first,? she explained with a smile. ?If we hurry I bet we can get up front.?
Maybe forcing him to stare at my face all night long will make him change his mind, or at the very least it will guilt him into changing his mind?

I followed Beth Ann back inside, and as she promised we were right up against the barricade in the front, right in the middle of course. ?I want to see everything!? she had told me as soon as we got here. As the house lights dimmed and the opening band came out on stage, I could feel myself getting excited. It?s been a while since I was at show?a really long time actually. The last show I can remember going to was ?MXPX? with Pierre forever ago. He snuck me out his bedroom window?and then instead of going home, we stayed at Chucks? house and played Monopoly all night.
A few opening bands?whose names I can?t remember later, and the loud ear piercing screams could be heard for my brother?s band. Instantly the crowd started chanting ?Simple Plan? as loud as they possibly could, and I couldn?t help but to get caught up and start chanting it too. And once they took the stage, I was jumping around with everyone else in the crowd.

They were playing a high energy song when Pierre reached his hand out, and being swept up in the moment, I reached out and grabbed it. As soon as our hands touched I felt a connection to my brother, and I think he felt it to. I looked up at him and saw something in his eyes before he tightened his grip on my fingers. It had been so long since I had touched him? that I forgot how safe it can make me feel at times. He was there to protect me when no else was.

As soon as I had a good hold on his hand he looked down at me. I swear I saw him smile and felt him squeeze my hand a little harder?but maybe my mind is playing tricks on me. He held onto my hand for a second longer before jumping off the stage and standing right in front of me?he waited until one of the other guys?I think it was the bass player started to sing before reaching forward and grabbing my head pulling it closer to him.
?Tour bus!? he shouted in my ear before kissing my cheek and letting me go.
I looked up at him and nodded my head with a smile. Maybe things are going to work out. I watched him climb back up on stage to finish the show.
?Did he just kiss your cheek?!? Beth Ann squawked in a high pitched voice, as her green eyes widened.
?Yeah,? I smiled with a nod.
?You are so lucky!? she smiled turning back towards the stage.

Once the show was over, I fought my way back through the crowd and ran outside as fast as I could, after exchanging numbers with Beth Ann. She really is a nice girl, and I can totally see myself becoming friends with her over time.
I don?t know what he meant, but I?m hoping he means for me to meet him there, so we can talk?and he?s not going to run me over or something. Or worse make me look like a jack ass in front of everyone again. It took me a few minutes before I finally found the tour buses parked in the back lot. Now to find which one is theirs?why couldn?t they just have one with their faces plastered on the side of it? That would make this easier? I was standing on my tippy toes peaking in a window when I heard someone walk up behind me.

?Can I help you??
I turned around to find a huge security guard behind me with his arms folded over his chest. I felt my eyes widen as I tried to muster an answer.
?Umm?P?Pierre?I?m trying to find Simple Plan?s tour bus,? I finally stuttered out.
?How did you even get back here?? he asked shaking his head. ?There?s always at least one or two groupies?? he sighed shaking his head as he grabbed my arm. ?Lets go.?
?I am not a groupie!? I growled in anger yanking my arm away from him. ?I?m his sister you jack ass.?
?Right?? he scoffed. ?And I?m related to Shaq?now let?s go,? he growled grabbing my arm again. ?I won?t tell you again.?
?Let go of me!? I growled pushing him off me. ?I?m serious?he?s my older brother?just ask him!?
?Why didn?t he mention you would be back here then?? the guy asked folding his arms over his chest. ?All the bands know guests have to be on the list?or they aren?t allowed back here!?
?I don?t know,? I insisted with a whine. ?But he told me to meet him back here??
?I?m giving you one more chance to walk out that gate with me,? he warned thinly. ?You can not be back here without the proper passes.?
?I don?t have a pass!? I whined stomping my foot. ?Can?t you just forget you saw me back here?? I asked batting my eye lashes at him.
?No,? he answered flatly. ?And don?t you dare try to bribe me. I know what girls like you are like!?
?Girls like me?!? I growled in shock. ?I?m just trying to talk to my brother?you?re the one getting all handsy!?
?I never did such a thing!? he protested in shock. ?I was simply trying to escort you out??
?Hey you okay?? glasses boy asked walking up to me.
I should really learn his name?or remember it, one of the two. Calling him glasses boy isn?t very nice. Then again calling him Hotty pants isn?t any better. Yep, I need to learn his name.
?I?m trying to talk to my brother?but this dick bag won?t leave me alone!? I answered with a growl glaring at the man in front of me.
?Pierre?? glasses boy asked in confusion. ?He?s up front doing a meet and greet.?
?He told me to meet him back here,? I explained calming down a little bit, turning to face him.
?He did mention that,? glasses boy smirked as his blue eyes sparkled.
?See,? I spat glaring fire at the security guard. ?He did tell someone!?
?I?ll take her with me?? glasses boy said looking at the security guard. ?But thanks for your help??
?You sure you?re okay?? the guard asked looking back at glasses boy.
?I?m sure,? he smiled. ?Come on?? he said nudging me with his shoulder.

?Thanks,? I whispered once we had started walking. ?That guy just wouldn?t listen to me.?
?They get paid not to listen,? he laughed holding open the door to backstage for me. ?Don?t? sweat it.?
I smiled softly before following him back into the room from earlier.
?Sebastien there you are!? Jeff exclaimed. ?We were just about to have a drink?but we lost you,? he explained with a frown. ?Who?s this? Wait?I remember you from earlier?Lyric right?? he asked looking at me.
?Yeah,? I answered softly. ?That?s me.?
?You want a drink?? Jeff offered.
I would love a drink?but I can?t. I can?t be that girl ever again. She was terrible, and I swore to myself I would never stoop to that level again.
?No thank you,? I answered with a smile. ?I?m okay??
?Hey where?s Pierre?? Sebastien asked taking the drink Jeff was holding out to him. ?She was looking for him.?
?Oh?he?s taking a shower?he?ll be out in a second,? Jeff answered with a smile.
?Jeff you bald headed ass wipe! Where?s my drink!? the bass player shouted walking in the room. ?Oh?we have company?hello again.?
?Hi,? I replied with a smile and a small wave.
?I can?t remember your name,? he shrugged taking a sip of the drink in his hands. ?I?m sorry??
?Lyric,? I answered with a smirk.
?Right,? he answered snapping his fingers with a smile. ?Sorry I?m horrible with names.?
?Me too,? I confessed. ?Really horrible.?
?Well in case you forgot,? he smirked. ?I?m David.?
David?that should be easy to remember?it?s common enough. I think in rehab I met at least four David?s. So far all these guys seem really nice, it?s easy to understand how my brother could become friends with them.

We were all standing around making small talk when the dressing room door opened and Chuck walked in, with his head down.
?Hey Chuckles,? David grinned. ?Would you care for a drink??
?I don?t drink David,? Chuck growled in annoyance. ?You know that??
?That?s a lie,? I smirked with a raised eye brow. ?You got drunk with Pierre once back in high school??
?Ooooohhh!? The three men around me said at the same time turning to look at the drummer.
?No one asked you Lyric,? Chuck growled dropping his stuff down.
He watched his stuff hit the bench before turning around as his eyes went wide.
?Lyric!? he yelped as a smile spread across his face. ?You came back!?
I walked over to Chuck and wrapped my arms around him. ?Of course I came back,? I grinned squeezing him tightly. ?You?re my favorite Ducky.?
?Ducky?? Sebastien asked with a raised eye brow as he looked over at us.
?I couldn?t pronounce his name when I was younger,? I explained. ?I had sort of a speech problem??
Sebastien nodded his head before going back to what he was previously doing.

I spent another fifteen minutes or so with everyone before Pierre finally came in the room. He dropped his bag on the ground before turning around and looking at me. I looked up at him for a second before running towards him and throwing my arms around him. I was half expecting him to push me away?tell me to get lost like he did earlier, but he didn?t. He grabbed me and pulled me closer to him, giving me the tightest hug I think he?s ever given me. I buried my nose in his shoulder and held him as tight as I could.

You never realize how much you need a person until you wake up one day and they aren?t there anymore. There?s been so many nights, hell days even when I?ve needed him?and he wasn?t there. And now that he?s right here?I?m never going to let him go.

?What did you miss me?? he teased as he held onto me.
?You have no idea Peanut,? I whispered as I gripped him tighter, trying not to cry. ?It was hell without you.?
?Not here,? he whispered in my ear. ?We can talk about all that later.?
I nodded my head slowly before finally stepping back and looking up at him.
?You have any trouble getting back here?? he asked turning back for his bag.
?Not really no,? I shrugged watching him dig through his bag. ?I mean?there was one security guard that gave me a bit of a hard time?but Sebastien helped me out.?
Pierre nodded his head as he continued to dig. When he pulled a shirt out of his bag, I caught a glimpse of a purple stuffed animal. I gave him the purple elephant we were kids?he even named him Elliot. But that can?t possibly be it?that thing has to be at least 12 years old, if not older.

?Guess we should go talk huh?? he asked once he found what he was looking for.
?Yeah,? I answered softly. ?Unless you?re too busy?It can wait.?
?No it?s fine,? he insisted putting his hat over his head. ?I have like two hours until bunk check.?
I looked up at him and smiled before following him out of the room towards the back doors of the venue.

?So what?s your plan?? he asked as we walked around the streets of Vancouver.
?Uhh?,? I answered nervously. ?I should probably find somewhere to stay?and then I want to get back in school?get a job?be a normal teenager?? I answered after taking a moment to think about it.
?You dropped out of school?? he asked in shock. ?When the hell did that happen??
?Like Freshmen year,? I said trying to remember that far back. ?Dad made me?? I whispered softly. ?Too many people were asking questions?so he made me stop going.?
Pierre nodded, but didn?t say anything, just kept his head down as he kept walking.
?Pie look,? I started pulling him to a stop. ?I know it?s not fair for me to show up here and ruin what ever life you have built for yourself?,? I explained. ?I just wanted to see how you were?make sure you were okay. I can leave when ever you want me to. I know how much you hate talking about it?.and??
?Lyric stop,? he begged. ?If you need help I?ll help anyway I can. But I won?t talk about Dad?no one knows about any of that shit?and I want to keep it that way?got it??
?You never talked about it?? I questioned sadly. ?Not even with Chuck??
?No,? he answered bitterly. ?There?s nothing to talk about. We both know what it was like?it?s easier to just try and forget any of it ever happened.?
?But it did happen,? I insisted. ?And at some point we are going to have to talk about it. Maybe not with our friends or what ever?but you and me are going to have to talk about it.?
Pierre looked at me and nodded his head. I know how much he hates talking about our father?and everything that happen. How ever bad it was for me?Pierre got it a hundred times worse?hell he probably knows things I don?t even know.
?Can we just not do it now?? he asked softly. ?You just got here?and I?m sure there?s tons you want to tell me??
?Not really,? I laughed. ?I don?t remember much of the past three years?,? I explained. ?But you can tell me all about your exciting life mister rock star!? I teased pushing his shoulder playfully. ?When did that happen anyway??
?Uh?we formed the band in like 99? and then our first record came out in 2002, and we?ve been living the dream since,? he smiled as he licked his ice cream cone.
?How many records do you have now?? I asked softly.
I really hate myself for not knowing more about his band?he probably thinks I?m an idiot.
?Two so far,? he smiled. ?We?re supposed to go back into the studio and work on our third at the end of next month.?
?Wow?you really are a rock star huh?? I asked pushing him playfully.
?Naw,? he laughed as we started walking again. ?I just got lucky.?
?I would say so,? I agreed. ?That crowd was huge! And they loved you guys.?
?Wait?,? he questioned as we stopped walking again. ?You?ve really never heard of us until when exactly??
?Like three weeks ago,? I answered shamefully. ?I guess you could say I lived under a rock?,? I teased. ?I didn?t find out until I saw you in a magazine.?
?Really?? he asked in shock. ?You do live under a rock?cause I?m amazing! And everyone knows who I am.?
?I sort of gathered that,? I laughed. ?From about the thousand girls screaming your name and asking you to father their children.?
?Yeah?,? he answered making a face. ?I?m not the fathering type.? He shrugged. ?I just like to practice a lot.?
I looked up at him and couldn?t help but laugh. He may look different, but he sure as hell acts the exact same as he always has. A huge doofus.
?We should go back to the bus,? he said looking at his cell phone. ?I can?t be late for bunk check.?
?Ohh?,? I answered sadly. ?If you have to go?I understand.?
?Pancake,? he started. ?Come with me?that?s what I meant by we,? he explained. ?You can just stay with me?until we figure something else out.?
?Are you sure?? I asked softly. ?You don?t have to do this. I?ll be fine on my own.?
?Come on,? he said throwing his arm over my shoulder. ?I?ll show you how to party like a rock star?and all the glitz and glamour of being on tour all the damn time.?
?You love it,? I retorted. ?I can tell.?
?I do sort of love it?,? he agreed making a funny face.
?And uh?Peanut?? I asked softly. ?I can?t drink?or do any sort of partying for that matter?so don?t let me.?
?Why?? he asked softly laying his head on top of mine. ?That?s all I did at your age.?
?I umm,? I answered with a shaky voice turning my head away. ?I let it get out of control?and I lost sight of who I am?it?s a really big problem for me. So please don?t let me do anything stupid.?
?Then I guess you don?t drink,? he answered with a smirk. ?I?m not going to shove the drinks down your throat?how ever David might.?
?He?s the one with long black hair right?? I questioned shyly. ?The one with the tight pants? And horrible jokes??
?Yeah?,? Pierre laughed. ?Don?t worry you?ll get used to everyone and learn everyone?s names soon enough.?
?Mind telling me about them?? I asked as we started walking back towards the venue. ?It might help if I know their names before we get back??

Pierre let out a laugh before he started to tell me all about the guys. I learned that Jeff is a slob, or in nicer terms they sometimes call him the ?human explosion?, because no matter where they are his stuff is everywhere. Chuck is like the manger of the band?he makes all the important decisions, David is a prankster but apparently a great friend, and Sebastien is a clean freak?and gets upset when his stuff is a mess, Pierre also stressed the fact that Sebastien is a huge nerd, and that if I ever need help with anything technology related Seb is the guy to ask.
As for my brother? I learned that he?s the one who sleeps in late?and that he?s really into surfing and goes when ever he gets the chance, he even took up golfing apparently.

?You can sleep right here,? Pierre offered patting a bunk. ?This one is mine,? he said pointing to the one right above it. ?No funny noises in the night?? he warned pointing a finger at me. ?Cause David?he farts in his sleep.?
?I do not!? David yelled from the bunk next to mine. ?He?s the one who?s gassy!?
So far from the short amount of time I?ve spent with these guys?I can already tell we?ll all get along great. And I have the feeling that given time both David and Sebastien are going to become my best friends.
?You have my word,? I promised. ?I won?t make any funny noises in my sleep.?
?Except I might have a nightmare or four??
?Good,? Pierre nodded. ?That?s the bathroom over there,? he said pointing to a small door. ?No poops! You can only pee pee?if you drop a brown rocket?it?s big trouble for you. Just ask David,? Pierre said narrowing his eyes at David.
?That was one time!? David protested sticking his tongue out. ?And I told you guys?I was really sick!?
?That doesn?t excuse what you did in there!? Pierre yelped pointing towards the bathroom.
?I got it,? I nodded trying not to laugh at his facial expressions. ?Any other rules mister tour guide??
?Uhh?nope,? he answered shaking his head. ?That?s all?oh wait?the fridge and stuff is up front.?
?Can I sleep now?? I asked looking up at him tiredly.
?Sure,? he grinned moving out of the way of my bunk.
I smiled up at him before moving to crawl in the bed.
?Aren?t you going to change?? he asked stopping me. ?You can?t sleep in your pants.?
?I don?t have anything,? I whispered softly so only he could hear me. ?Dad wouldn?t let me take any of my stuff. He just threw me out by my hair?literally.?
I watched Pierre?s eyes darken, before he finally opened his mouth.
?I?ll find you some pajamas?I?m sure Sebastien has something that will fit you,? he said with a soft smile. ?When we stop in the morning I?ll get you some stuff.?
Pierre left me alone for a moment to go find Sebastien. He came back a few minutes later with Seb behind him.

Seb dug around in his bunk for a minute before standing up with a pair of pajama pants and a t-shirt.
?This is all I?ve got,? he answered with a small frown. ?I hope they fit.?
?Thanks Seb,? I smiled taking the clothes from him. ?I?ll give them back in the morning.?
Seb gave me a thumbs up before turning around and walking back to the front.
?You can change in the bathroom,? Pierre said nodding his head towards the small door.
I nodded my head and walked to the small bathroom. I quickly got ready for bed, before grabbing a glass of water and crawling in my bunk.

I left the curtain open only because it was too dark in my bunk, even with the light of my cell phone.
?Peanut?? I whispered softly a while later. ?Are you asleep??
?Yes,? he whispered back. ?You okay??
?Yeah,? I answered with a shaky voice. ?Just wanted to make sure you didn?t run away or something.?
?I?m right here,? he muttered hanging his hand over the side of his bed. ?Now sleep.?
I reached up and grabbed his hand and squeezed it tightly before shutting my eyes and finally falling asleep a few minutes later.

I was woken up the next morning by the sudden stopping of the bus. I shot up in bed smacking my head on the bottom of Pierre?s bed.
?Son of a bitch!? I yelped grabbing my now throbbing head while whimpering softly.
?Smack your head?? Sebastien asked from somewhere near me.
?Yes!? I growled laying back down on the pillow. ?That fucking hurt.?
?You?ll learn not to do that,? Jeff said walking past me. ?Trust me?we?ve all done it hundreds of times!?
?Who ever the fuck is yelling stop it!? David grumbled angrily from his bed. ?Some of us are still sleeping!?
?Don?t mind sleeping beauty,? Sebastien smirked appearing in front of me. ?He?s completely not a morning person?but come around 2 p.m. or so?he?ll be your best friend.?
?I?m the same,? I answered keeping my head still. ?I hate early mornings.?
?I fucking hate early mornings!? David whined from his bunk again.
?Why are we awake so early?? I questioned. ?And why did we stop so suddenly??
?Gas stop,? Sebastien shrugged. ?They usually give us about a half hour or so to stretch our legs and stuff?so hurry up.?
I sat up on my elbows and nodded my head before throwing back the covers and crawling out of my bunk. I picked up a random sweater off the floor and pulled it over my head, before walking towards the front of the bus.
?Morning,? Chuck greeted with a grin. ?Sleep well??
?Surprisingly?,? I answered sitting next to him. ?I slept like a baby.?
?That?s good,? he smiled. ?I normally can?t sleep for shit on this bus. But after a while it can become pretty soothing.?
It wasn?t the bus that soothed me last night, it was holding my brothers hand all night. I know that may sound weird?but it?s true.

I nodded my head before laying it down on my arms. I can feel a bump forming on my forehead and I?m not happy about it. I look bad enough with no make up on, and no clean clothes?the last thing I need is to look like I have an egg growing out the side of my head.
?Where?s my bro?Pierre?? I asked picking my head back up slowly.
?He went to find some food,? Chuck answered standing up from the small table. ?Should be back soon. If you?re hungry you better grab something now?we probably won?t stop again for a while.?
I stood up and grabbed my shoes before wondering off the bus. At the very least I?m going to find a proper bathroom and stretch my legs.

By the time I got back to the bus Pierre was back.
?Hey I was looking for you,? he said as soon as he saw me.
?I was trying to get cleaned up,? I answered softly sitting back down at the table. ?Sorry?you could have called me.?
?I would have,? he explained. ?But I don?t have your number?I lost it when I switched phones??
?Oh?let me see your phone,? I offered holding out my hand. ?I?ll put it in there.?
?You still have mine?? he asked.
?No?you changed your number a while back and I lost it?,? I shrugged typing my number into his phone under the name Pancake.
If you?re curious as to why he calls me or well he did call me Pancake?it?s because when we were kids, every Saturday morning like clock work I would beg Pierre to make me Pancakes for breakfast, and he always would. And for a half hour once a week, it was just me and him in our own little world, where no one could hurt us.
?I got you some breakfast,? Pierre grinned once we were done exchanging phone numbers.
I took the bag he was holding out to me and grinned pulling out its contents. Hash browns and a bacon egg and cheese biscuit. Man he knows the way to a girl?s heart.

?So I need to talk to you,? he sighed sitting next to me while we ate.
?About what?? I questioned skeptically looking over at him. ?You aren?t sick of me already are you??
?No!? he answered quickly. ?We only have two days left of tour?and then we go home?,? he explained.
?Ohh,? I nodded looking down. ?So what does that mean for me?? I asked putting down the food in my hands.
?Nothing,? he shrugged. ?Just that you?re coming back to Montreal with me?.are you okay with that??
Go back to Montreal with my brother? I haven?t been back to Montreal in a really long time, I wonder if it?s still the same as I remember.
?If that?s what you want,? I said finally pulling my eyes off the table.
?Is it what you want?? he questioned putting his hand on my shoulder. ?You?re the one who said you wanted a home yesterday.?
?And I do,? I insisted as tears shown in my eyes. ?But I don?t want you to think you have to do this for me?.if you do it, I want it to be because you want to.?
?I do,? he insisted with a laugh. ?Lyric?come on?where else are you going to go?? he asked.
I looked up at him and glared before standing up.
?I don?t need your fucking pity!? I growled before walking away towards the bunk area of the bus.
?That isn?t what I meant!? he yelled after me as he stood up to chase to me.
I grabbed my clothes before shoving past him towards the bathroom so I could change.

?Lyric please,? Pierre begged from outside the bathroom door. ?That came out wrong I swear!? he pleaded. ?I want you to come home with me?because I want you safe?and I want you to have all the things you told me yesterday.?
I looked down at the small sink as the tears ran down my face. Why am I doing this? I know what he meant, and I can?t be angry at him for stating the truth, I don?t have anywhere else to go. That?s why I came here in the first place.
?You didn?t have to say that,? I sighed as I finished pulling my shirt over my head. ?I know that I?m homeless.?
?You aren?t,? he insisted laying his head against the door. ?You have a home?with me.?
I pulled open the small door and looked up at my brother. ?Are you sure??
?Yes,? he nodded with a smile. ?I would love nothing more than to have you live with me.?
?You aren?t going to make me get in the dryer again are you?? I asked with a raised eye brow. ?I don?t think I can fit anymore.?
?No,? he laughed shaking his head. ?Besides that was your idea.?
?You?re the one who bribed me with a cookie,? I retorted walking out of the bathroom.
?So what do you say?? he asked. ?You want to come stay with your smelly big brother??
?I don?t know?he is pretty stinky,? I teased with a smile. ?I would love to Peanut.?
?17 years old?and you still call me that,? he sighed shaking his head. ?Are you ever going to grow out of that??
?Nope,? I answered walking past him. ?Get used to it.?
I heard Pierre laugh as I wondered towards the back of the bus.

I pushed the door open and found Sebastien sitting on the floor surrounded by Legos?
?Are you seriously playing with those?? I asked with a grin.
Sebastien turned his head and glared at me. ?I?m not playing with them?I?m constructing a Lego fort.?
I looked down at him and laughed as I sat next to him.
?God he?s beautiful?and exactly like me?? ?No stop it Lyric right now! One he?s too damn old for you?and two?your older brother will throw a house!?
?You really are a nerd aren?t you?? I teased nudging his shoulder with mine.
?Maybe,? he scowled picking up another Lego.
?How old are you exactly?? I asked curiously.
?I just turned 24 in June,? he answered. ?And I know how weird it is, that I still play with Legos,? he frowned. ?But it keeps my mind busy when we?re trapped on here for hours at a time.?
?I?m not judging,? I laughed holding up my hands. ?I love Legos and I think they are single handedly the best invention ever.?
?Really?!? he asked in excitement.
?Yeah,? I nodded with a giggle. ?You aren?t the only adult who still plays with them.?
Sebastien looked at me and smiled a big toothy grin.

I?m not sure how much time Seb and I spent in the back room building our Lego house and talking, but the next thing I knew Jeff was at the door saying we were finally at our hotel, followed immediately by the sudden stop of the bus.

?Awe man!? Seb and I whined as we looked at our now toppled over lego castle. ?They ruined it!?
?You guys are weird,? Jeff stated making a weird face at us. ?It?s just a lego castle.?
Both Sebastien and I shook our heads before getting to work on cleaning up the mess. As weird as it sounds, sitting on the floor playing with Legos all day, is the most fun I?ve had in a really long time. It was nice to pretend I was a kid again for a while. Or well a kid living a childhood other than mine?

?Hey Pancake!? Pierre called out to me.
?Yeah?? I answered walking towards the front of the bus.
?You mind sharing a bed with me?? he asked with frown. ?They already pre booked our rooms?so I can?t change it.?
?That?s fine,? I smiled. ?Or I can sleep on the floor?either way.?
Pierre nodded his head before wondering off the bus.
I looked up at the hotel and gasped in awe. It was beautiful, it looked like one of those really fancy ones you only see on TV. Big doors, huge open lobby with marble counters, and marble floors?way fancier than any other place I?ve been.

?I just want to shower and then I?ll take you somewhere to get some clothes and stuff,? he said pushing our floor button on the elevator.
?Okay,? I answered forcing out a smile.
?Hey you okay?? he asked noticing my sadness.
?Yeah,? I nodded. ?It?s nothing really??
Pierre eyed me suspiciously and just was he was about to open his mouth, the elevator doors slid open. He let out a huff before leading the way to our room.

?What?s wrong?? he repeated once we were in our room.
?I told you,? I answered sitting down on the bed ?It?s nothing. You don?t care anyway.?
?What the hell does that mean?? he growled. ?I do too care.?
?You told me yesterday not to mention it?,? I answered sadly with a shrug. ?So I?m not.?
?Dad?? he asked with a frown. ?What does he have to do with anything??
?You think he?ll find me?? I asked as my lip quivered a little bit, and my eyes filled with tears.
?You said he kicked you out,? Pierre growled narrowing his eyes at me. ?Why would he look for you??
?He always kicked me out,? I explained sadly. ?He would get angry and throw me out of the house as punishment?but he always expected me to come back.?
Pierre let out a sigh sitting down next to me, as he ran a hand through his hair. ?So he might look for you??
?I don?t know,? I shrugged wiping my nose. ?But I don?t want him to find you?I know you worked really hard to make sure that could never happen.?
?If he wants to find me he will,? Pierre muttered putting his head down. ?It?s not that hard.?
?So what do we do?? I asked looking up at him.
?We stick together,? he shrugged with a sigh. ?And hope to God he never finds us.?
I looked down at the carpet and nodded my head. I can hope and pray all I want, but like Pierre said?if my dad wants to find us he will, nothing will stop that.
?I?m going to go take a shower,? Pierre said quietly as he stood up.
?Kay,? I answered softly.
I waited quietly for Pierre before we left the room to find a Wal Mart and the Mall.

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I can't even...really. I wonder what their dad did to Pierre...I've not read a Simple Plan story like this before. And, Pierre is always who I gravitate to when I read SP is just amazing. :D

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awe thank you so much=D I haven't ever written one like this before haha. the other story I have on here is completely different. I've also never written a Pierre fic before, so I hope this doesn't disappoint you. :D

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Need more!!

Please write more soon, this is amazing!

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I love this story, I read the first 2 or 3 Chapters but i have to let you Know, I think you are A great Writer.

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You should write more! i like it!

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Thank you all for the kind words sorry it took so long to update

CH 3 In Your Head


?You good for nothing sack of shit!? my dad yelled kicking me hard in the stomach. ?I can?t believe you! You disgust me!? he raged kicking me even harder.
I whimpered loudly as I tried to crawl away from him. After all the years of him doing this?you would think I was used to it by now. But I?m not?it still hurts?really really bad. You would think that with all the times he kicked, hit, and thrown things at me?that my body would be somehow immune to pain?when actually every kick, hit, and thrown object hurts worse than the last.
?I?m sorry!? I cried out curling against the wall. ?I didn?t mean to!?
?Shut the fuck up!? he yelled slapping me hard across the face?.

I jerked awake in a cold sweat as my heart slammed in my chest. I looked over at the clock on the side table and read the time. 3:09 a.m. I dropped my head back on the pillow and let out a long sigh. I haven?t had a dream like that in years. I had dreams like this for the first year after I escaped, but not since then. I found ways to block them out, usually with about seven shots of whiskey and a random girl. I tried having three shots of whiskey earlier?but apparently that didn?t work. This is the second dream I?ve had since Lyric showed back up. And it?s exactly what I was afraid of. I?m scared of what will come, if I open the door I slammed shut, so long ago.

I laid in bed as thoughts tumbled around and around inside my head. What if Lyric is right and my dad does find us? He would tear me limb from limb that?s for sure, and I don?t think he would care either. Or worse what if he finds Lyric and she?s forced to go back home with him? I would never be able to live with myself knowing that she was back in a hell hole?

I crawled out of bed and walked quietly towards my cell phone and computer. Maybe watching some mindless TV show for a while will help me fall back to sleep, or at least quite my brain. I settled down on the couch and pulled my computer across my lap. I checked my e-mail, and like usual there was nothing interesting. I logged out before picking a TV show. I scrolled through the list I had, before finally settling on watching South Park. That?s mindless, and plus it will make me laugh. I picked out and episode before getting comfortable and pushing play.

I shut the lid to my lap top with a loud sigh before placing it next to me on the couch. Mindless TV isn?t going to work, I kept zoning out and thinking about the one thing I was trying to avoid. I reached down for my cell phone and checked the time, before shrugging my shoulders and dialing a number as I stood up.

?Pierre? It?s four in the morning why are you calling me?? Chuck groaned in annoyance. ?Wait?you aren?t drunk again are you? Cause dude I swear?if you?re drunk again?and then you throw up on my shoes??
?No! I?m not drunk?I just can?t sleep. You weren?t asleep were you??
?Dude?we have four weeks before this CD/DVD comes out?I have way too much work to do for sleep.?
?You?re such a nerd??
?You?ll thank me when it?s finished. You always do.?
?Yeah?hey?do you want to meet me downstairs for a drink??
?Uhh?I don?t drink remember??
?Come on?I?ll even buy you a Shirley Temple.?
?Fine?I?ll meet you down stairs.?
I hung up my phone before getting redressed and leaving my room quietly so I wouldn?t wake up Lyric, after checking to make sure she was okay.

?So why am I meeting you in a bar at four in the morning?? Chuck asked as we sat the small table.
?I told you?I can?t sleep,? I replied. ?And since I know you never sleep??
?Okay,? Chuck agreed. ?But why not call David? He never sleeps either.?
?Because I can?t talk to David,? I muttered stirring the straw in my drink. ?He doesn?t know.?
?Thinking about your dad?? Chuck guessed.
?Is it that obvious?? I scowled sitting back in my chair.
?A little bit,? he nodded. ?Want to talk about it??
?Dude what the fuck was I thinking?? I asked shaking my head. ?I thought I could face this shit with my dad?but I can?t?and having Lyric around is just prying at old wounds.?
?What happened isn?t her fault,? he pointed out seriously. ?You know that??
?I just want to forget any of it ever happened,? I muttered looking down at my drink. ?The shit he did?? I muttered trailing off.
?Okay,? Chuck sighed sitting up straight. ?At the risk of sounding like a complete corny jack ass?you can?t keep running from this Pie,? he said looking right at me. ?I know what you went through with your dad?was hell, and no one would blame you for hating him, or not wanting to talk to him,? he continued. ?But you can?t keep letting what happen, dictate your life?and you can?t keep running either.?
?I appreciate what you?re saying,? I growled. ?But he almost killed me? more than once?so forgive me if I don?t want to sit down and have a heart to heart with the guy.?
?That isn?t what I meant,? he defended as his eyes narrowed. ?I just meant?that maybe you should consider letting yourself deal with it?starting with talking to Lyric.?
?What am I going to say to her?? I asked bitterly. ?Sorry I wasn?t there to keep him from slapping you around? Or how about?gee I?m sorry I wasn?t there to help you with your drug problem?oh! Or I know. How about I?m sorry I left you with an ass hole, who fucked up your childhood the way he fucked up mine??
?If that?s truly how you feel,? he shrugged. ?Then that?s what you should tell her. And I somehow doubt she blames you for any of that. She knew that if you didn?t get out?that you never would.?
?However bad she had it?,? I whispered shamefully. ?It was a million times worse for me,? I continued. ?He fucking hated me??
?He?s a jack ass,? Chuck growled in anger.
I looked up at Chuck for a second smiling softly. Chuck always had my back when it came to my dad. Whatever it took to protect me?Chuck did it. Whether it was hiding me in his basement for days at a time?or sneaking me into his room?he even stole his dads credit card once so I could leave town for a few days?there was truly nothing he wouldn?t do for me.
?I just thought I was past all this stuff,? I explained taking a sip of the drink in my hand.
?You can?t move past it if you don?t deal with it,? Chuck pointed out.
I looked down at the table before rubbing my hands over my face. Chuck is right and I know he is. And I also know that I?m acting like a girl about this, but for some reason lately, I can?t escape that feeling of fear, that starts in the pit of my stomach, and makes me want to hide under my bed, or in the closet. I keep thinking my dad is just going to pop out of corner somewhere?and I don?t like it.
?P everything is fine,? Chuck promised with a weak smile. ?You and Lyric are fine.?
?Thanks Chuckles,? I muttered smiling halfheartedly. ?Should we go back upstairs??
?Are you inviting me to your room?? Chuck teased. ?Cause that might confuse people on the whole you and David being a couple thing??
I looked at Chuck and laughed loudly. This is the reason he?s been my best friend since I was like 11. He?s the most logical person I know, yet his random bouts of humor always make for a good laugh.

?Thanks,? I said quietly as we rode the elevator back upstairs.
?Of course,? Chuck grinned. ?I know I?m not really that much of a help?but I?m always here.?
?I know,? I answered with a smile. ?And as weird as it sounds?that actually makes me feel better.?
?Awe?,? Chuck teased. ?You need me??
I flipped him off as I shoved him lightly, before stepping off the elevator. I said goodnight to Chuck before returning to my room to try and get some sleep.

?Hey Pierre wake up,? Lyric repeated as she poked my shoulder.
?What?? I groaned turning away from her. ?I want to sleep! Sound check isn?t for hours still!?
?I?m hungry,? she explained. ?Come eat breakfast with me.?
?I don?t wanna!? I whined pulling a pillow over my face. ?You go.?
?Alone?? she asked. ?What fun would that be??
?I don?t care,? I groaned. ?I?m not even hungry. Take one of the guys with you?David is always hungry.?
?Okay,? she pouted sadly. ?I just thought it would be nice to have breakfast with my big brother,? she sniffled. ?But I?m used to eating alone??
?Fine,? I huffed throwing the pillow off my face. ?I?ll go.?
?Yay!? she cheered. ?Pancakes??
?Sure,? I answered tiredly as I sat up. ?What time is it??
?8:15,? Lyric answered.
?Seriously?!? I groaned dropping my head back dramatically. ?It?s too fucking early to be awake??
?I couldn?t sleep any longer?,? she pouted. ?Sorry.?
Three hours of sleep? I guess that?s better than nothing.
?Why did you sleep out here?? she asked pointing to the couch. ?I didn?t kick you did I??
?No,? I answered shaking my head. ?I couldn?t sleep.?
?Oh,? she frowned. ?You okay??
?Yeah,? I lied. ?Sometimes my brain just goes into over dive and I can?t sleep?it?s not a big deal.?
?I was going to take a shower?but I can wait if you want to go first.?
?Go ahead,? I insisted. ?I?m not doing shit without coffee.?
Lyric nodded her head before disappearing toward the bathroom, as I laid back on the couch.

While Lyric was in the shower I decided to wonder down to the lobby and try and find a decent cup of coffee.

?Hey,? Sebastien greeted as soon as he saw me. ?What?s up??
?Coffee,? I muttered holding up the Styrofoam cup in my hand. ?You??
?Meh,? he shrugged. ?I got bored. Plus David is annoying the fuck out of me.?
I smiled softly as I nodded my head. ?He has that effect on people.?
?So what are you guys up to today?? Sebastien asked. ?Is Lyric going to be around??
I looked at my blue eyed friend with a scowl. ?Why??
?No reason,? he shrugged. ?She?s just fun to hang out with is all.?
?Do you like my sister?? I accused with narrowed eyes.
?Yes,? he nodded.
He waited about a half second before his eyes widened. ?As a friend!? he insisted. ?I have a girlfriend remember??
?If that?s what you call her,? I muttered to myself. ?Girlfriends usually come around. And they don?t usually sleep with other people.?
Sebastien has been dating this chick Amy for almost two years now. He swears he loves her, and I believe him. However I don?t believe her. She?s terrible to him, in every sense of the word, and I have the gut feeling it?s going to end badly.
?She?s actually coming to the show tonight,? Sebastien answered softly looking down at the floor. ?And she swore that would never happen again.?
?Seb I?m sorry,? I apologized. ?I?m just being a dick. I?m glad she?s finally coming out.?
?Me too,? he answered with a smile. ?It?s been a while.?
?I?ll tell Lyric you were looking for her,? I promised as I started walking back towards the elevator. ?I?ll see you guys for sound check!?
Sebastien waved his hand before going back to what he was doing.


Breakfast this morning was a lot of fun. I really missed hanging out with Pierre, even though he was pretty grumpy all morning. I actually don?t remember him ever being this grumpy?he has something on his mind I can tell. I had planned on talking to him about these nightmares I keep having?but decided against it, after I saw him stab his pancakes repeatedly as he glared at them.

?Hey Seb,? Andy one of the security guys called in the door. ?There?s a tall brunette out here who says she knows you.?
Sebastien put down his guitar and ran out of the dressing room shutting the door behind him.
?Now the fun starts,? David muttered with a sigh.
?What?? I asked in confusion.
?Amy,? Pierre explained. ?She?s Seb?s girlfriend.?
?And I take it we don?t like her?? I questioned looking at my brother.
?No that?s not true,? he argued shaking his head back and forth. ?We tolerate her for Seb.?
?Yeah that pretty much means you don?t like her,? I laughed.
David was about to open his mouth when Seb walked back in with a huge grin plastered on his face, and a tall brunette firmly attached to his arm. She?s not to bad looking, she?s not ugly, yet she?s not beautiful?she?s just?average I guess. Long hair, brown eyes, she?s not fat, yet not super skinny?like I said she?s average.
?Hey guys,? she greeted with a smile. ?It?s nice to see all of you again.?
?Yeah,? Jeff smirked. ?I?m glad you could finally make it.?
?I?ve been really busy,? she frowned. ?I wanted to come last night but I couldn?t??
?You?re here now,? Seb smiled pulling her closer to him. ?That?s all that matters.?
?Oh are you guys doing a meet and greet or something?? she asked softly pointing to me.
?Oh no!? Sebastien answered quickly. ?This is Lyric?Lyric this is Amy.?
?Hi,? I greeted standing up to meet her. ?I?ve heard a lot about you.?
?That?s a lie. Sebastien hasn?t mentioned you once to me. then again, I never asked if he was seeing someone.?
?Good things I hope,? she laughed.
?Of course,? I lied again.
Amy looked down nervously before looking back up at Sebastien with a smile.

?Guys they?re ready for you,? Andy called in the dressing room door again.
?I?ll see you in a few minutes,? Sebastien whispered kissing Amy softly. ?I?m really glad you?re here.?
?Me too,? she smiled before trying to swallow his face.
?Oh God?I think I?m gonna be sick?could she be any more of a slut!??
Sebastien laughed nervously before pushing her off of him. ?Not here,? he muttered under his breath.

?We?ll be right back,? Pierre said standing up. ?If you get bored though, you can come watch if you want. You know the drill??
?Maybe I will,? I smiled. ?It?s highly entertaining watching all those girls drool over you.?
?It?s a gift,? he shrugged walking towards the door. ?Don?t be jelly??
I let out a laugh and went back to messing around with Sebastien?s game boy.

?So you like Pierre?s new squeeze or something?? Amy asked plopping down next to me.
?Excuse me?? I asked in shock turning to look at her.
?Pierre always did know how to pick the pretty ones,? she shrugged. ?But he never keeps em long. Usually just fucks em, then leaves em to the curb...?
?I?m his sister!? I yelped in disgust as I stood up, just to get away from her. ?His baby sister to be exact??
?Oh!? Amy laughed covering her mouth with her hand. ?I?m sorry! I?m just so used to him having random girls around??
I looked down at her as my eyes narrowed. First of all, I don?t appreciate her calling my brother a man whore?he?s ?friendly?. And second of all?I don?t appreciate her assuming I?m one of his ?squeezes? even if he wasn?t my brother I would still be disgusted with that remark.
?It?s fine,? I muttered picking up my stuff. ?Don?t worry about it.?
I walked out of the dressing room, and headed towards the stage to catch the rest of sound check. Pierre is right?we don?t like her. We don?t like her at all?

?Hey,? David greeted walking up to me. ?Get bored back stage??
?Uh?not exactly,? I explained. ?I just needed to get away from Amy.?
?She on your nerves already?? he guessed.
?Yes,? I confessed. ?She?s annoying the fuck out of me!?
?Don?t worry,? David promised. ?She won?t stick around long. She never does,? he muttered. ?She?s usually around long enough to get what she wants from Sebastien then she disappears again.?
?Good,? I scowled. ?My brother was right?we don?t like her.?
David looked at me with a laugh as he shook his head. ?What the hell did she do to you??
?She asked me if I was one of my brother?s squeezes,? I muttered with a scowl. ?And that was after she called him a man whore.?
?Gross!? David grimaced. ?She does know you?re his sister right??
?She does now,? I answered. ?But you should go?you have fans waiting??
?I was actually going to get some food,? he replied. ?Want to come with??
?Sure,? I shrugged.
I haven?t known him for very long, but I have the feeling that David and I are going to be great friends. He seems like the type of guy you would want around?he?s always down for a good time?and he doesn?t seem to be bothered by much of anything.

Sebastien POV

Once sound check was over I slowly made my way back towards the dressing room. I don?t really want to see Amy?I know that I should be excited that she?s here?but I?m not. She?s only here for one thing?and once she gets it?she?ll be in the wind until who knows when. I should take everyone?s advice and just end it already?but honestly? I?m scared to be alone?I?ve always had girlfriends?whether they were serious?or just hookups they were always around. And believe me I know how stupid that sounds?

?There you are!? Amy gushed rushing up to me. ?I was wondering when you would be back??
?There?s a lot of kids out there,? I explained forcing out a smile. ?Sorry.?
?They love you,? she smiled. ?You?re the nice one??
I forced out a smile as I tried to put some space between us. I?m seriously not a fan of PDA?especially somewhere where there are fans?most of them are very respectful towards our personal lives?but others don?t give a fuck. And the last thing I want is a ton of pictures of me making out with my girlfriend? all over the internet.
?Think we could sneak off somewhere?? she whispered in my ear.
?I can?t,? I said lightly pushing her away from me. ?I have an interview I have to get to??
?Really?? she growled folding her arms over her chest. ?I flew 2 hours to sit alone all night??
I looked at her and glared. That?s another reason I can?t stand Amy anymore?all she wants to do is fight, and I hate fighting. I don?t even argue with people?I just agree and walk away?but Amy just keeps picking until I can?t take it anymore.
?No,? I corrected. ?You flew out here so you could see me??
?Whatever,? she hissed as she smacked her gum. ?Just go??
I let out a growl before walking off to find Chuck so we could do this stupid interview.


?David you can?t compare Pearl Jam to Alice in Chains?you just can?t!? I argued pushing open the door to the dressing room. ?That?s like comparing The Clash to the Ramones??
?What?s wrong with the Ramones?? he pouted.
?Nothing,? I laughed. ?They?re a great band?but they aren?t the Clash,? I pointed out sitting down on the couch. ?And I don?t care what you say?Alice in Chains will never be as great as Pearl Jam?not ever.?
?I just meant that they sound the same sometimes,? he sighed sitting next to me. ?You can?t deny that all the bands that came out during the grudge days sound the same??
?Nirvana didn?t sound like anyone else,? I pointed out.
?The only good thing to come out of Nirvana was Dave Ghrol,? he scowled.
?I don?t think we can be friends anymore,? I said sadly as I turned my head to look at him.
?I?m just fucking with you,? he laughed. ?I love Nirvana?I almost got to go see them once??
?Really?!? I asked in excitement.
?Yeah,? he nodded. ?But my mom wouldn?t let me because she said I was too young.?
?That sucks hardcore?,? I said with a frown. ?I loved going to shows when I was younger?I used to sneak out all the time to go see Reset??
?Really?? he asked. ?It was your brothers band?why didn?t you just go??
?Uh?mostly because he played on school nights,? I lied. ?And I??
?Hey,? Jeff greeted walking in the room. ?Pierre was looking for you??
?He was?? I asked looking up at Jeff.
?Not you,? he said. ?David??
?I didn?t do it,? he whined standing up. ?Or wait?maybe I did?? he muttered to himself as he walked away.

I spent the rest of the time before the show hanging out with whoever was in the dressing room with me. I found it odd that Seb was there?and that Amy was nowhere to be found?hadn?t she flown out to see him? I was going to ask him about it, but I changed my mind. His personal life is his personal life?I have no right to pry. However that didn?t stop the guys from giving him shit?

?Where did Amy go?? Jeff asked as the guys were getting ready to play their set.
?I don?t know,? Sebastien grumbled as he finished putting on his in ears. ?I?m sure she?s here somewhere??
?She left already huh?? David asked with a slight laugh. ?Usually she lasts at least a night??
?Leave him alone,? I said from my spot on the couch. ?It?s not your guys? place to bug him about it??
?Who?s bugging him?? Jeff shrugged. ?Just thought I would ask where she went off too??
?I don?t fuckin? know alright?!? Sebastien snapped. ?Back the fuck off!? he yelled before storming out of the dressing room.
?Hey what did you guys to do Seb?? Pierre asked as he and Chuck walked in.
?We didn?t,? David protested. ?Amy is acting like Amy?and she took off already??
?Sure she isn?t in the crowd?? Chuck asked. ?It?s pretty full out there?would be easy to miss her.?
?I actually haven?t seen her since earlier,? I pointed out quietly.
?It wouldn?t surprise me if she left already,? Chuck admitted shamefully. ?She never sticks around long?and it sucks??
?Really?? Pierre asked in disbelief.
?Not for me,? Chuck corrected. ?For Seb,? he explained. ?He really cares about her?and it sucks that she treats him so badly??
Everyone in the room nodded their heads in agreement before dropping the subject and going about their business.

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