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Dreaming ;)

yuka's picture
on 22 Oct '17

Hello all! So It's been a long time since I haven't wrote here. Of course I'm still SP fan and SPCrew!! So proud :) Anyway, NPNHJB 15th Anniversary tour in JAPAN finished... I'm so sad... I don't think they'll come back here next year. Well, Chuck said "Soon, soon!" though... I hope so! But now I just think an amazing plan! SPCrew will be 10th anniversary next year! Maybe I'll go to Montreal to see them? I'll ask them to have a few events only for SPCrew members? As some of you guys know that I love Montreal. I know there will be new flight Tokyo to Montreal!!!!! So coincidence! I'm very very VERY HAPPY if that's gonna be able to come true!! I'm still exciting a little and wanted to brabrabraaaaa! Thanks for reading ;)

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