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on 10 Mar '12

Ok, Tasha (randomusicgirl) and I have taken notice of some issues lately that we'd like to address with everyone. Now, this post is meant to help make SP Crew run more smoothly not only for Tasha, myself and those above us who run SP Crew, but for you guys as well.

The first issue is the sheer amount of questions that we're getting from you guys about various things. More often than not, the answers to the questions you guys are asking you are right in front of you. Please, READ everything fully before messaging us on the boards, the twitter of via email. We don't mind answering your questions when you're confused or have an issue with something but when it's something we've answered a thousand times where the answer has been clearly spelled out for you, it takes away from us being able to help people with real issues. We want to help everyone so please help us help you!

Now, most of these questions are about Soundcheck. There is a general thread for all questions involving Sound check, early entry and pre-sale tickets HERE. Post your questions in that thread and Tasha or myself (or even senior members of SP Crew) will be able to answer your questions. There is no need to make a new thread when it's very likely that your question has been answered in that thread. All new threads will be deleted. Further more, all information about Sound checks is posted on the news page. If it's not on the news page, then we don't know. These things have to be worked out with the venues and information is made available to you guys as soon as it can be. You guys just have to keep checking back. The same thing goes with names being posted. Once all the information is sorted it, it will be posted. Sometimes they'll be posted quite some time in advance, but most likely it will go up about a week or so before your event (not to say that it won't go up the day or so beforehand because that's completely possible as well). Just keep checking back.

Another thing we've noticed is people calling their SP Crew memberships a "waste" because they are not guaranteed Sound Check. No where does it say that all SP Crew members will have access at all times. SP Crew makes an effort to accommodate as many fans in a specific market as possible, but sometimes that means that people will be left out. But that doesn't mean it's you're only chance. The guys are ALWAYS touring and always offering these chances and to be honest, your chances for winning Sound Check are very good! If you don't win it once, you will more than likely be able to get it next time around.

We also cannot tell you when your package will arrive. Packages typically take 6-8 weeks to arrive but sometimes it's possible it will take a little longer, especially if you're not from the United States since there are things such as customs and whatnot that can often times slow down delivery time. But if an extended period of time does go by (after the 6-8 week period), please don't hesitate to email and ask them what's up.

One final note that I need to make. The report functions is ONLY, I repeat ONLY for use to report an issue with other members, problems with the site or it you've noticed that inappropriate content has been posted. I've personally spent a lot of time messaging people back to explain this so I feel like it's time to make an announcement to you guys about this. Any messages intended for the guys sent through the reports will never be seen by the guys and will be immediately deleted. Any questions you guy have should be posted in the appropriate thread or you can message myself or Tasha and we'll be more than happy to help you out. Just DO NOT send it in a report because if the reports are clogged, it slows our response time down and will be unable to resolve important issues as quickly as we need to.

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