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on 13 Apr '12

It's incredible how after chasing Simple Plan around Europe without any results, they come to my own city this June, the 22nd. Valencia.


I have been listening to their music for a couple of years now, but didn't get any chance to see them live. Actually, yes. Last year they were around France, during August. Guess who has in France that same August? But my bad luck striked when my dad had planned our holidays in a complete messed up way, so we ended up in Paristwo weeks before the band was there. And yeah, we were actually kind of touring France too, only not in a syncronized way. So that's when I decided that the odds were not in my favour.


However, they were very recently doing a Europe tour. "OH MY GOD, THEY ARE COMING TO SPAIN! MADRID AND BARCELONA!". Yeah, great. During weekdays. Of course, my parents wouldn't let me go alone, they weren't comfortable with me skipping school AND they couldn't skip work. I guess that wouldn't have sucked so much if it weren't because the Barcelona show was TWO DAYS before the national holiday in my city (which last for a week, by the way). WHAT DID IT COST TO COME TWO DAYS LATER?!?!


Then, the dates outside of Spain during the national holidays were something we couldn't afford, but I guess that's okay. We ended up in Lisbon. OH, YEAH, AND THEY HAD BEEN IN LISBON A WEEK BEFORE, THAT'S JUST SOME GREAT SYNCRONIZING!


In any case, I had already given up all my hopes. Like alot of people out there, who have it MUCH more difficult, I believe. But I then suddenly had a strike of good luck, for once. I was then told they were coming to MY city. WHY?! I don't know, but it's amazing they are coming back, after chasing them like that. It's unbelievable. A dream come true.


Now what would only make me even happier is if they manage to arrange a sound-check party. Then it would definitely be the best day ever. (It probably would anyway, it's Simple Plan, but... IT WOULD BE EVEN BETTER!!!!)


Just wanted to share my short story about how I am finally gonna make it after several attempts. It's the best gift I can ask for! <3

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