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Gonna attempt this..

redraven's picture
on 11 Feb '12

So not really sure how this works. And other than Tumblr, and online journals I had a long time ago when Greatest Journal was still around...I do not know how to blog...So sorry if this comes out as crap. :)

Im so excited for the GYHO tour date Calgary Feb 13. Ive been super excited since I heard the dates released. For the past month and a bit Ive been listening to Simple Plan, along side These Kids Wear Crowns, over and over and over. I have to get into the vibe before I go see them. :)

Im so super stoked that I got into Sound Check Party with Early Entry. :D I got to see the guys last year with the Sound Check Party...and it was the MOST amazing day ever!!

I cant wait, Im counting down the days. :) 2 More days. :)

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