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Hey There :)

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on 13 Feb '17

Hey, I'm Lara,

I'm 18 years old and a fan of simple plan since I've been 9 years old- so basically half my life :) I first got to see them live 2 years ago at Rock'n'Heim in Germany and it was so great to finally make this dream come true! Then, in 2016, I went to their show in Frankfurt with an Post-Game ticket and it was just the coolest experience ever!

I'll graduate in July and therefore wanted to get myself a really special graduation present, so I'll be at the first 6 European shows + VIP :) See you there hopefully !

But more about me: I've lived in the USA for 1 year (2014-2015) and went to a local High School over there. It was so great to live in a hostfamily and get to know a totally different culture. And of course: Make new friends for a lifetime- one of those is pregnant now and I'll be a god-mother in August :) So excited.

After school, I'll work as an AuPair in Finland for a year, then I'll study Music Business in Hamburg staring October 2018.

In my free time I organize concerts for different bands and I just love it! And of course I go to a lot of concerts :) Like A LOT! :)

My family is quite big and we are quite a mess when it comes to our relations with each other: There's my mom and me, then I have a little half-sister from my mom and the guy she was with after my dad died. Now we're living together with her new boyfriend (Not the same guy) and I have one little step-sister and a little step-brother and also a big step-brother but we don't talk to him unfortunatly cause he's always acting like a jerk :)  Then there are my "Not-Real-Brothers" who, for me, are my real big brothers. They call my mom and her bf "mom" and "dad" and they are at our house a lot of time. They're always there for me and I'm actually really glad to have big brothers like them watching out for me- One of them becomes a daddy pretty soon and I'm gonna be the god-mother there too :)

I speak German, English and French (Ok French not thaat good) fluently and I know the basics of Finnish (Who came up with this language, seriously guys!)

I'll move to Finland after university and already have a flat in Helsinki :)

If you have any more questions feel free to ask :)


~ Lara :)

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