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on 09 Jul '12

All the people is saying how much they love Simple Plan... is supposed, that we are here is because we love Simple Plan. But, all of us have the need for tell it. Because of it, I have to say that I'm fan of Simple Plan since I was 8 and now, I'm 18. I grow up with this band and because of it, and have a special love for all of their. I can't choose one of them, all have a special place in my heart. I've all of their CD. I know you feel the same for all of their, but a had to say it.


(I'm apologies for my bad bad bad bad english, sorry, my mother lenguage is spanish :S)

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yay!! another person who

yay!! another person who started loving the band when they were little!! :) they were my favourite band when i was 7 and they are still my favourite band now im 14 :D

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I started loving them when i

I started loving them when i was 5 and now im 14 but still lovin them!

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We are old fans, well, "old"

We are old fans, well, "old" we are still being young! That band take us very young, but we follow they since the beginig. It awesome that their still in ous hearts after so long. :D


(Sorry for my english again :S)

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