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a little about myself

splover4ever's picture
on 08 Feb '12

Hi peoples of the world <3 :) So I was like between the ages of 13-14 when I discovered SP <3 :) One morning I was watching MTV& music videos were on then "Welcome To My Life" came on & I've been ADDICTED to SP ever since :) Any way I just LOVE these guys SO much. I have Aspergers which is high functioning autism & its hard for me to met new people & make new friends...I don't think it was hard in Elementary School, but in Middle& High school it was & it still is to this very day(I'm 21 now) but I do have friends,I'm just not "popular" Anyway I don't give personal info out online....well I told you my age& that I have aspergers, but I don't say where I live, or what my name is online. Also I'm on twitter if you wanna follow me my username is @simplesum41821 so yeah SP's music helps me "I turn you up whenever I feel down" <3

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