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Meet up?

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on 27 Mar '13

Hey astronauts :)
Tomorrow I'll be going on a vacation to lots of places in the US so I was wondering if any of you wanna meet up? I live sooooooo far away from US so I wanna make it special and meet at least one astronaut. I'm way back at the philippines which is way far from America so I dont wanna waste an opportunity to meet any of you. Ill be going there from tomorrow to April 20. So tell me if you guys want. Please guys, I really want to meet at least one astronaut to make my trip really memorable :)
Thnx so much astronauts :)

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Where in the US are you

Where in the US are you visiting? I would love to meet but my parents don't know I talk to SP fans oops

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right now im in NY and im

right now im in NY and im gonna go to New Jersey and then Washington. Next week im going San Fransisco and LA

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