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Meet and Greet

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on 13 Mar '12


I'm a new member of the SPCrew and I'm wondering if there will be a soundcheck party or a meet and greet at the London concert and how can I get into this? Anybody can help me please? Thanks.

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I'm wondering this too! Been

I'm wondering this too! Been an SP fanatic for nearly seven years now and it'll only be my third time seeing them live, I am absolutely dying to meet them! I hope they release the info soon and I'll post back on this if I hear anything.


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meet n greet

im praying that my name gets chosen (out of the millions of fans) for a meet & greet too. been a fan for years & years & now a proud member of SP Crew

I LOVE this band & their music - just wish I could get a photo with them & I would cherish it forever

Im going to Sydney concert on June 1 so wish me luck !

Good luck to you too :)


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