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My life in a small town.

macecelis's picture
on 03 May '12

Well, I live in Venezuela and i always see how the fans meet the guys and im really happy for them and i hope meet them someday, but its sad that im a member of spcrew and i cant see sp, and im too afraid because i dont know if when they come here they will do a soundcheck or even a M&G cause in this place money is more important than your rights, and the only shit that makes concert possible its a shit (already said that lol) and ask for followers so you can win a soundchek (Yeah they suck) or likes on pictures.. so its not about how a great fan you are its about how many people you know and i hope when he guys come here can meet them and say "You guys are JSDFERJFUOERH" and hope they dont think im nuts!

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