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Need Some Help Please

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on 22 Apr '14

I've getting super nervious about this I'm trying to renew my membership for Year 7 but when i try all that comes up is Year 6 i have a payment recipt from last year saying i already renewed for year 6 on April 19th 2013 so generally I'd be renewing for year 7 is anyone else having the same problem I've e-mail the SPCrew about this but i only have till April 29th to Renew So I'm pretty much Freaking out 

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Not really sure why it still

Not really sure why it still says year 6 - bu there is a chance they haven't updated the renewal thing on the website for the new year (SP Crew started in April, so they should be doing it right about this time... just give them time).

And as far as the freaking out thing goes - relax and don't worry. It doesn't matter if you don't renew the exact day your membership expires. Sure, you won't be able to log in to the website for a few days (until you renew), but you WILL be able to do so anytime after that. And since the guys are still working on new music, I don't expect there to be almost ANY big updates in the SP Crew for the next few months (maybe a video here and there, but you can always catch up on those). 

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My friend renewed for year 7

My friend renewed for year 7 so thats why i am freaking out why can she and i can't if i know I' renewed for Year 6 last year 

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