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Never met them

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on 15 Feb '09

I'm new on here I finally decided to get the membership because I had some spare money off this pay check :)

I have been a fan since their first CD came out and I have never been to a show or met them! Its been killing me!!

I was 12/13 when their first CD came out and I remember my sister taking me to get it at Walmart at midnight but my parents would never let my sister take me to one of their concerts.

I just turned 20 and still haven't met them!

Has anyone else not met them?

I'm looking through the forum right now reading on things but thought I would see if anyone else hasn't met them.


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Ive been a fan since 03.  I

Ive been a fan since 03.  I am finally seeing them in concert in April!  Growing up in podunk Kansas the nearest SP concert was hours away and my parents just couldn't justfiy taking me.  Now that I'm adult and make my own money I decided to go.  And this one is only an hour from where I'm living now.  And I paid for the VIP passes so I'm pretty stoked!!

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i was 12 when the first cd

i was 12 when the first cd came out and i only met them for the first time last year :') also got vip tickets for this year in london :) 

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