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New Package Each Year?

sianii_goes_rawrr's picture
on 09 Jul '12

ok, so i only joined the SPCrew a month or so ago and ive since heard each year u renew u get something different. what do u get each year? is it the same or is each yearly package different? 
Thanks!! :) 

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I didin't know that each year

I didin't know that each year we have a new package! I think that only renew the VIP pass. WOW! I like it :D thaks for information ;)

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yea ive heard of the lady who

yea ive heard of the lady who got the wrong shirt, it sucks cause now she needs to go through everything and sort it all out to get another one :(

i think they cancled the drumstick cause it was to expensive to keep making or something... :S

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