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Newbie from Austria :3

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on 13 Mar '16

Heyho, good Evening from Austria <3

Just wanted to make an short introduce Topic. 

My name is Andi or Krümel (normally Andrea but no one is calling me like this... everythime someone is calling me like this i`m always thinking i`ve done smth bad hahaha)  I`m 28 , living in Vienna. (Second Home: Berlin <3) 
I love Ireland and Travelling to death, so yeah, i`m not really often at home xD
Photography is an big chapter of my Life, but Music is always Nr. 1! 
There`s definately no life without it!

I love SP since many years but Fanclubs and so on weren`t the real thing for me .... but...STOP!
I always thougt it, maybe i`m feeling too old for it? xD haha and now ... i`m here :3
Not just for showing more Support than ever for the guys, just because i want to meet new ppl` which are thinking the same way like me and i love to meet new ppl` :)

Jup. that`s it. bybyee and letz have a good time here :)

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