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Pierre and Seb's Birthday part 2

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on 27 Jul '12

Since people are having problems with the forum heres what you do.

So the videos will be due on August 20th and the video will be combined for both pierre and sebastien because it will be my first time editing anything and I think this would be easier. I would really like it though if someone could help out on editing. So here is what you can include in your video.

Start off with saying happy birthday maybe in a different language
then answer why you love them so much

then act out your favourite part from abpfy or there vlogs. go crazy with fun. Mock them and be creative. maybe be Sebby Fresh for a day or immate pierre's day off. You can do anything you want really. Just spoof it.

Then the ending will be jetlag. Dance to the song, lipsinc , maybe sing it in your own language if you have a good voice.

Be creative and have fun with this. Let's show the guys how much we love them. Plus if you are camera shy you could send in phoitos of you with the guys or a sign that says happy b day. Please spread the word and help out. Lets put a smile on pierre and sebs faces.


email the video to

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