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on 15 Mar '16

SUne Simple Plan will play their show in my country. I am really interested to upgrade my ticket and buy access to the Post-Game. But I want to know more about it. What is usually happening there? And how long?

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I was there this Saturday in

I was there this Saturday in Hamburg. You gather together after the show and get escorted backstage. There's pizza and drinks. Pierre was already there when we got there. The others showed up (÷David) and took pictures and signed stuff. You get a lanyard and pre autographed poster, but I would recommend to bring something they can sign, and a pen. We were 40 people in a small room so there was little room to really move around, but they tried to talk to everyone. Everyone gets a individual band photo (with your own phone) and then a group photo emailed to you later. Maybe about an hour.. Don't really know. It was very fun. :) I'm going again in May.

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