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Simple Plan Story "Mania"

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on 30 Jun '14
  • Story Title: Mania.
  • Author: Jordan (Mizzbouvier14)

Chapter one

My family and I just up and moved to what I think is the most random place on earth. Quebec, Canada. This is a culture shock for me. I am from one of those “one stop light towns” you hear about in country songs, a totally different world altogether from this strange city. After a long day of unpacking, and moving furniture I finally got the chance to walk around my new neighborhood.

"Don’t get lost!" Mom says to me on my way out.

I roll my eyes, and head out the door. “Mother, I will try not to.” She ignores my sarcasm and continues to hang up family photos on the wall.

So far, so good, I think to myself. The weather is great. In Oklahoma (where I’m from) during this time of year the weather is always at least 99 degrees, over here it’s a nice brisk 75 degrees. This is kinda nice, not bad for July!

“Bonjour ! Je vois que vous êtes notre nouveau voisin!” I hear out of no where.

I turn around and I see the most beautiful blue eyes in the world. I forget where I’m at for a couple of seconds. Oh yeah, Montreal. People speak French here. What do I say?

"Bonjour. But I am not going to lie, that’s about all I know of French." I shyly say to Mr. Beautiful Eyes. I hope that he can understand me.

"It’s okay, I speak English too." He says and smiles at me. I melt. "I said hello! You must be our new neighbor. Where are you from?"

"Chouteau, Oklahoma."

"Welcome to Montreal! If you don’t mind me asking, what brings you here?" he asks

"The company my dad works for just expanded, and he’s going to be running the new branch. He’s just that good at designing kitchens I guess." Too much info, Jordan! My dad has the most boring job in the world, and I doubt Mr. Beautiful Eyes wants to hear about that.

"Oh! Well that is neat. Welcome! My name is Sebastien by the way. I live two houses down from you." He says as he points towards his home.

"My name is Jordan! And it is very nice to meet you. Do you go do Beaubois too? My parents are enrolling me soon.. It would be awesome to already know somebody there…" I kinda stutter. I’m having a very hard time talking to the most gorgeous person I have ever laid eyes on. And I’m already asking him what school he goes too? Ugh, Jordan.

“Yep! That’s my school. I’m going to be in grade 12 this year. How about you?”

"Grade 12 as well! That’s awesome!"

"Seb!!" I hear a voice say, I turn around and I see a brunette guy with spiky hair walking with a very skinny blonde guy with a lot of piercings.

The guys here all look like angels. It’s like Canada has the best genes ever.

"Who is this?! Hello there!" Exclaims the blonde guy. He seems super hyper.

"This is my new neighbor, Jordan! She just moved here from Oklahoma, and she will actually be going to school with us!" I awkwardly wave and smile at the two boys. I’m honestly freaked out by their gorgeousness.

"Nice to meet you, Miss Jordan! I am Pierre. I live about two blocks away, so I guess that makes you kind of my neighbor too!" He gives me a goofy smile as I shake his hand..

Shaking hands, Jordan?! Really?? Before I could finish my thought, skinny blonde introduces himself.

"Hi, I’m David! Welcome to the neighborhood!!! Come hang out with us, were having band practice and I made cupcakes! Funfetti to be exact!" I think I’m gonna like this kid.

"Band practice?!" I asked. I did not expect that. When people in Chouteau mentioned the word ‘band’ they were talking about the marching variety. I’m intrigued.

"Oh yeah! Were going to be famous one day!" David exclaimed excitedly.

"David, calm down. Jordan, if you want to you are more than welcome to come hang out in my basement." Sebastien says while looking directly at me.


We walked into his house, downstairs into the basement and there was a bald guy, another guy who was setting up a drum set, and there were 4 girls all crammed together sitting on the couch.

Ah I bet one of these lucky ladies belong to Sebastien.

"Hey everybody! This is Jordan, Seb and Pierre’s new neighbor! She came here all the way from America!" David exclaimed.

“Umm… Hi!” I say as cheerfully as possible, trying to hide any signs of the overwhelming amount I

"Nice to meet you, my name is Chuck." Chuck was a cute scrawny little guy.

"My name is Jeff!" Said the bald guy

Now it’s time to meet all the girls.

"Hi, I’m Marie! I am Pierre’s girlfriend!" She tells me right off the bat. Marie is gorgeous. Lots of black eyeliner, and a gorgeous head of black hair on a very skinny frame.

Another girl got up and went to give Chuck a hug as if to send me a message to stay away from him. She releases herself from the hug, looks at me and says “My name is Katy!” Katy looks like she is straight from one of those ‘scene’ tumblrs. She has white blonde hair (similar to David’s), vivid eye make up and is wearing a vintage Metallica tee and skinny jeans.

"Nice to meet you both!" And I turned around to the couch and saw Jeff all snuggled up with one of the girls. She quietly introduces herself as Sara. She seems like a really easy going girl in her jeans and t shirt.

"And I am Jessica!!!" Says the other girl as she jumps off the couch to give me a hug.

"And this girl is mine" David said proudly, and then he turned our already level 10 awkward hug into a level 30 awkward god awful group hug. I can see how these two work together.

So it seems that all of these guys are taken… Except Mr. Beautiful Eyes. I had a mental celebration.

And then she walked in. I should have known it was too good to be true.

She was gorgeous, thin, toned, a total knock out and everything that I was not, I try my hardest to cover up my disappointment. Of course he’s with her. Coming in behind her was a nerdy little fellow with thick glasses holding a camera.

“Jordan I would like you to meet my girlfriend, Alyssa! And this dude is my friend Pat, he’s our little photographer slash videographer.” My heart sank.

“I prefer the term ‘media manager’!” Pat exclaims to Seb. They just laughed and Pat looked over to me and gave me a high five. Okay totally random, my heart is kind of crushed but I will totally participate in this high five.

“So glad to meet you all!” I say to them trying to sound as cheerful as possible.

“So let’s play some music guys! I brought my camera and wanted to get some nice shots of you guys practicing! I have a vision for the upcoming flyer!” Pat says proudly

I sit on the floor next to the couch. Alyssa for some reason sat right next to me. There is no way to describe how uncomfortable I am in this moment.

“So Jordan.. Tell us more about yourself!” Said Sara as the guys were getting their equipment ready.

“I just moved here yesterday, and today I finally got to see beyond my house.”

“Oh so how did you meet the guys so fast?” Alyssa asked in a very sarcastic tone.

I honestly didn’t know what to tell this girl. ‘He talked to me first’ was the only answer that came to my mind. Thankfully, the guys started playing guitar and the awkwardness kind of subsided.
“Wow you guys are really good!!” I told them after the practice was over. I was truly impressed by their talent.

Marie, Sara, Jessica, Katy and I really got along. Alyssa didn’t say a word to me since that catty question.

“Hey thanks!” Said David with a full mouth of cupcake. Jessica kissed him on the cheek. They were clearly made for each other.

‘Okay, Jordan. Today has been a roller coaster of emotions. Let’s exit stage left!’ I think to myself as I try to get myself together and come up with an excuse.

“Well, I have got to go home! It’s dinner time and I am sure my mother is worried.” I say to the group.

“I am sure she is, goodbye!” Said Alyssa.

I sighed, and started my way towards the basement door and Seb ran up next to me and walked up the basement stairs at my left side.

“Sorry about Aly, it takes her a minute to adjust to new people.” He whispered.

“It’s okay, I understand! I am sure we will be friends in no time” I tell him. I really hope so anyway, because I enjoy this group of people so much, I don’t want one person to get in the way of me being able to hang out with them.

“Yeah soon you two girls will be! Have a good night, Jordan!” Sebastien says as he opens the door for me. I walk back home in silence.

Maybe the reason why we moved out here was for more than just a new career oppurtunity for dad, but also a new fresh start for me. New friends. It’s an amazing way to erase the past.. all of the hospital visits, all the rumors. Everything.

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Chapter 2

I have a lot more chapters written! Yay!

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