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Soundcheck party?

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on 20 Mar '12

Hi SPCrew.


Does anyone know if the soundcheck parties for the AUS tour is strictly for buyers of pre sale tickets or open to all members?

I did not have the money to buy during pre sale, but managed to get them first thing they went on sale to the general public.


I have messaged the info email box, but their answer was not very helpful.
I have been following SP since the beginning, I am now 21 years old and getting in to that party will well and truly be a dream come true.


Any help? 

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I would like to know the same

I would like to know the same thing, if I could just show my laminate to prove I'm a member, would I be able to get in? I just e-mailed and haven't gotten a reply yet.

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They just said they try to

They just said they try to accommodate as many members as possible and to check back on the site about a month before for more details. 

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i want to go to the

i want to go to the soundcheck party is AUS too i brought tickets pre sale but i dont know if i could get in to soundcheck i really want to it would be a dream come true for me as well simple plan is my favourite band and i really want to meet them

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Can't remember if it was for presale only, but I got into the Soundcheck for the Brisbane show last year.  About a month before the show, there was a post on here advising soundcheck opportunities were available.  All you  had to do was email your details to a certain email address and a certain amount of people would get entry.  For my show, it was the first 16 fan club members to reply - I was no. 12!. That's how they do it for most shows.  The week before the show, you get an email with instructions.  Check the site everyday so you don't miss out!!

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