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SP Fans From Toronto!

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on 27 Feb '12

Hey everyone! I JUST joined SPCrew and am super excited! I felt so left out before. I'm just sad and regretful that I joined AFTER they had already played a show here in Toronto, so I did not get to meet them, unfortunately. But I hope it will happen one day! I've been a fan for almost 8 years now so it HAS to happen lol. I'll just have to try harder!

Anyway, even if I don't get to meet them one day through SPCrew, I WOULD like to talk to other fans that live in the same city as me! Unfortunately, the few friends I had that loved SP like me have now kinda moved on from them (which is so sad), so I end up dragging my cousin or friend to shows with me, who insist on leaving the second it's over. I would just love to at least have someone else to talk to about the band who actually cares about them! That would be awesome. I'd also love to meet fans from elsewhere in the world as long as you wanna talk to me:) Je parle un petit peu de français aussi!

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to being a part of SPCrew, and hopefully meeting other people who love these guys and their music like I do:) Take care guys:)

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