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on 13 Apr '12

Thankgod for my older sister who introduced me to the SPcrew because I am so proud to have officially supported the Simple Plan Foundation and my favourite boys!

2005 was the year I fell inlove with them and after so long, it's unbelievable how much I have fallen inlove with them and their music all over again! Their music is what got me through me days and nights in hospital in 2010 and the beginning of 2012.. it helped me stay all smiles and positive :)

I was unfortunate to miss out on their concert last year but luckily enough Melbourne announced their tour dates the minute I was discharged from hospital... and what do you know? I race to the phone and didn't even hesitate to tell my boyfriend that we were seeing SIMPLE PLAN.

Seriously the excitement and happiness it would honestly bring to me would be incredible if I were to meet the boys and be apart of their journey at their sound check parties! I have such a big heart and would love to be a positive impact in their lives, as they have been in mine for 7 years.

They're not just pretty faces hehe xxx

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