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still havent gotten the package:/

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on 09 Jun '12

hey astronauts! 

I just want to ask you how long it took to get the spcrew package?  I became the member on 12th in February, then I wrote them one month ago that I still dont have my package, and they told me they´ve sent it to me 2 days after my sign in..and that there is some problem apparently and that they will send it to me again asap.. but it was one month ago and I still dont have anyhting :(( I am just worried that I wont get it in the future.. 

I am going to see simple plan in 3 weeks  and I was so excited about wearing the spcrew tshirt to the show, but it wont happen obviously.. anyway, I just want to be sure that I am going to get the package one day.. do you have any experience with getting/ not getting the package? 


Thank you so much:)) 

Claudia (cz) 

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Haloo my CZ friend ;)

You don't scare me! I Am member SP crew month and I haven't  the package too and I am going to SP in the Prague. My friend package came in a month. And She too is from Czech republic. I don't know, when went wrong... I hope you that us the package will come soon ;)

I cross my fingers =)

Klára (cz)

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1 year 8 months
Joined: 26 Apr 2012

I got mine after 2 weeks! I

I got mine after 2 weeks! I guess you should write them again..?

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3 years 11 months
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Mixed delivery

When I signed up I received mine in 2-3weeks. I signed my husband up 2 April and still haven't received the package. Got told that a new package will be sent. We are I'm western Australia 

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5 years 2 weeks
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Im from sweden and i got mine

Im from sweden and i got mine just within 2-3 weeks. it says when you are signing up that the shipping can take 4-6 weeks sometimes even 6-8 weeks when its international. Dont worry you will get it. :)

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5 years 5 months
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