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sunshine Coast (at Caloundra RSL ) concert

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on 22 May '12

Hi guys,

had a bit of an idea, since everyone else is doing things 4 seb's bday and all the other ones, We should do something 4 JEFF!
had the idea (partly thanks to someone's twitter post) that if we had beachballs and Ballboons being moved around the place, BUT on them have we should have " WE ARE ALL LITTLE JEFF'S" or WE LOVE JEFF or I SMILE 4 JEFF or I GOT A HEART ON 4 JEFF or something to do with Jeff since all the other cities are doing seb, chuck, david, and Im addicted nd TSSML signs!

the reason behind it is because of this bald head and ballboons and beachballs are easy to bring into the venue and fun to blow up! and it will be just like a day that cricket!! (security guards have fun getting to catch them! hwhahwhaw)

okay that is how far i have thought about this idea so far, if someone can help me think of any more please just let me know! on twitter @GaleForce2011 or on here!

18 days nd counting until the Sunny coast concert!!! start getting pumped up kidos!


G xox 


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I love that! Let's do it!

I love that! Let's do it!

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Not sure when we would get

Not sure when we would get everyone to release them? Maybe at the end at I'm just a kid or on the dance party medley 

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