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"Taking One for the Team" Record Thoughts and Impressions

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on 01 Aug '16

Whoa, whoa, whoa, guys. My heart is breaking here! When did this forum die?! I realize I've been gone for a lonwhile, but yikes! Am I missing the happenin' threads?

Is there even a thread discussing the new album yet? (Please pardon this post and help me in the right direction if there is, I might have missed it!)

Can we pump some energy back into this place? It used to be so much fun! sad

"Taking One for the Team"! It's been out for a bit now. I won't lie, Simple Plan almost never make singles out of my favourite songs, or the songs I think they should. I enjoy when Simple Plan take risks in their lyrics and sound but I was particularly skeptical over "I Don't Wanna Go to Bed" when it was released. Over the chorus more than anything else. It didn't mesh with me right off the bat, but it's slowly growing on me. I think it was Chuck who said in an interview (I think it was that people really needed to give the record a chance by waiting until it was released, to hear it in full, rather than judging over a couple singles. He was right.

I'm more partial to "Everything Sucks", "I Don't Wanna Be Sad", "Kiss Me Like Nobody's Watching", "Nostalgic", "Problem Child",  "Singing in the Rain" and "Farewell" off the new record. And I'm a bit gutted that they only played "Farewell" out of all of those during their 45 minute set (I think it was 45 minutes... Maybe less) when they opened for Blink 182 here in Winnipeg. I understand it wasn't their show and they had to please a crowd that were primarily there for Blink, but that doesn't shake the fact that I would LOVE to hear more of the new songs in person. Sometimes it takes hearing a song live to really appreciate it. That song was "Boom!" for me.

The woes of being a hardcore SP fan: I've heard "Welcome to My Life" 4 times live, but never "Everytime" or "Holding On" because the hits must always be covered.

What were all of your initial/present thoughts over the new album? There has to be SOME people lurking on here still, right? RIGHT?! laugh

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I love the album. I believe

I love the album. I believe that "Sing in the Rain" is my favorite off this ablum but I do really do enjoy "I Refuse" and "I Dream About You". I enjoy the upbeat of the album. It brings me back to the early days when I first began to listen to them. They mean so much to me. I love the fact they tried something new and tried to bring in some artists that you wouldn't think wouldn't think be a good mesh but end up being great. But I can't wait to see them twice this year. It will be the first time i get to see them. 

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