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Wants To Meet Simple Plan <3

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on 01 Jun '12


I so badly want to meet Simple Plan! <3 They are my favourite band ever! I first heard one of their songs (Welcome To My Life) when I was seven..... But back to the point. I love you, Simple Plan! You guys rock! Simple Plan has such amazing/awesome songs! It would be a huge honer to meet Simple Plan and I'd most likely faint from happiness (And I've only ever fainted once in my life!)


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Aww! Maybe one day soon you

Aww! Maybe one day soon you will!! I was 12/13 when I first heard of them, I'm now 24 and finally seeing them :) From what I hear, you wont forget it! :)

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When I meet Simple Plan I was

When I meet Simple Plan I was 10, their are so so so asdfgh I've not words to discribe that band. I hope you meet Simple Plan and that day gonna be as good as was mine. 

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Heya.Trying to spread the SP


Trying to spread the SP love to fellow Austranadians by getting us together and talking about what we all love: SP 
So pleaaseee like my facebook group :) Hope to chat soon. 

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