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on 16 Sep '08

Simple Plan are on the road right now in Canada and we have decided to challenge the fans to see who can take the best rock n’ roll photos! For this contest all you have to do is take a camera to the show (where allowed) and take some pictures of your favorite band live. Pick your best picture and submit ONLY ONE PHOTO to That’s it! We are then going to post the top 10 photos on the message board and do a poll to let the members pick their favorite live shot. Please read the guidelines below carefully. Winner will receive a Simple Plan AOL Music poster, cell phone accessory and CD single of "Perfect" (Acoustic Version) see picture below -- Good luck!

Here are the guidelines:
- you are only allowed to submit one picture per member and must include the date and city of the show in your e-mail
- Your submission must include your full name and mailing address (in case you win!)

- IMPORTANT: Include your first name and the first initial of your last name in the file name, for example Jane Smith’s photo file would be named jane_s.jpg
- Use the e-mail subject line: “SP CREW CONCERT PICS CONTEST” with your submission
- Submissions must be 5MB or smaller and in .gif or .jpg format and mailed as attachments (we will not accept submissions sent via links)
- Contest deadline is Monday, October 20th at 10:00am EST.