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S America Soundcheck Party Opps

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on 02 Dec '16

Make sure you READ everything below before completing any forms.

Signup for the SPCrew Soundcheck Parties for the S America Taking One For The Team Tour dates begins now! You will have until 11AM ET on December 4th to complete the form, linked below. Please MAKE SURE to complete the form, per these instructions, before the noted deadline, and we will accommodate as many SPCrew as possible per date. Spots are limited. Keep reading...

If you already have a ticket to attend any of the S America Taking One For The Team Tour dates ONLY (with the exception of Paraguay), you will need to complete THIS form by 11AM on December 4th for the opportunity to attend the SPCrew Soundcheck Party at the show. There will be no guests permitted. Each SPCrew must sign up for themselves. If a guardian is needed to escort, you must note that on your signup.

Due to scheduling conflicts, we are not able to hold the SPCrew Soundcheck Party in Paraguay.

All SPCrew accounts will need to be active at the time of the show in order to participate in these perks. We will post names to Events and send instructions once these lists are finalized.

Do NOT complete the form for any other dates than those listed above.

Once the list is finalized, it will be posted and those who qualify will receive an email with the details on attending the Soundcheck Party within once that information is available. Please do not email asking for it if your username is posted. It will be emailed when available, 24 - 48 hours prior to your date.