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Who keeps me holding on?

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on 10 Feb '12

I don't think that anyone is actually reading this, but I don't care, I just need to write this (my english sucks btw, sorry).
April 16th is the date when the show is in Finland. It's the first show I've ever been. I have to travel like almost thousand kilometres to get the city where the show is (Helsinki, capital of Finland). It's the fist freakin' time I'm going there alone, and I am scared. I'm very happy and excited, but sometimes when I think about it, I'm just scared. I'm defenetly gonna be there no matter what, I just hope that I don't freak out before April 16th.
Now I feel a bit stupid of writing this, but guess I'm not losing anything. This doesn't really seem like a real problem, I know everybody has bigger problems, but I just needed to do this.
New look of this page is awesome and I love SP forever lol.


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it's worth it :D

Hey there. I understand it's scary to go to the capital alone when it's the first time, but you might get friends in the que before the show, which is awesome, because they'll be fans as well.
I am also a fan of Green Day, and when i queued for their show in 2009, i got lots of friends who i've later been to another Green Day show with. so the trip itself is the scariest part, because you'll meet lots of nice people there. and if you just listen to SP on you mp3 player all the way, it's not scary at all. hehe :D
I hope you'll have a good show. im going to the show two days later in Denmark. :D

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