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Love for Chuck and Jeff!

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on 13 Feb '12

I've realized that Chuck and Jeff often go un-mentioned, which is sad. Everyone is all up on Pierre, David and Sebastien. Which is wonderful, they're all great! Love them to bits! But it's not fair to Chuck and Jeff.
Jeff is a great guitar player and part of the reason why I picked up a guitar 10 years ago. He's also a father! How irresistable is that?? He's talented and handsome! :D
Chuck is a great drummer, and is the reason I wanted to learn how to play drums. He does most of the event planning and promotion for the band, and has since day one! He needs more credit! He's sweet and good looking :D.
Again, I love EVERY member of SP, they're my inspiration! I just though Jeff and Chuck needed some extra recognition. <3

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I find that it's Seb and Jeff

I find that it's Seb and Jeff that go un-mentioned...Seb is my fave band mate since way back, but Jeff is such a sweetheart.

I find most people love Pierre cause hes the front man, Chuck, cause he's the drummer, and David cause...well look at him...hes adorable. lol...But No one really knows Seb...cause to the untrained eye, hes just another brunette in the band (he is so not!), and no one knows, or cares for Jeff cause he''s the bald one, with the big nose (that David has made fun of before on A Big Package For You)..But you know what!? All true French men have big noses! I should know! lol I put so much love and effort into making Jeff known, and make sure his name isnt last when I post their names, cause Jeff is AWESOME!!!

Most people go for the hot guys of the group... (example BSB -Brian and Nick...Did anyone care for AJ or Kevin? Nysnc -Justin, JC and Lance, no one cared for Joey or Chris) Same thing here...Pierre Chuck and David. Who wants to love the bald guy? or the other brunette? I BLOODY well will!! I love Jeff and Seb! Heck I even love Chuck David and Pierre. I put so much effort to love them equally, cause them five sexy French guys make up Simple Plan!
Whos with me!? lol

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