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Soundcheck parties/meet&greets!!

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on 16 Feb '12

Hey guys can anybody of you help me? I've just joined the crew cos I'm going to the show in Milan in March and I really dream of meeting Simple Plan. Do you know if there are soundcheck parties before every single show they do? And do you know if all SPCrew members can attend these meetings or there is a selection?
Please answer me, I can't take it any more!!

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Soundcheck parties/meet&greets

Hey :)
I also would like to know that, but I think that they have never made a M&G in Europe. I'm going to their show in Barcelona and nobody said anything about early entry, m&g or soundcheck parties...
And if it comes I think they just pick up some random names. BUT I'M NOT SURE, I guess we'll have to wait to know that.

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meet and greets

its a selected group that gets to meet them. for the show im meeting them at it was the first few to buy tickets that won the chance.

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Ottawa tickets?

Hi, I was wondering who eles is going to the Ottawa Ontario show feb 24th. I have a ticket, but wasn't able to buy from SP Crew so there is no soundcheck, or M&G. I was wondering if anyone has a spare ticket to sell for 50$

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