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count down is almost over!

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on 16 Feb '12

after waiting for over two hundrend days, my tickets are finally here just four days before the show! with band shirts and other merch set aside and ready to go, I am finally ready to see the boys when they come to the ACC in Toronto this Sunday!
sound check party and early entry has finally been announced for the show and I happen to be the first on the list for early entry to the show!
with amazing floor seats and a group of my closest friends, I am ready for the highlight of my year. best sweet sixteen ever! <3

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Does sound like a great sweet

Does sound like a great sweet sixteen! I wish I got into this stuff when I was that age! I'm ready to rock out at that show too! EE&Soundcheck&MeetandGreet with the best band in the world! EPIC.

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That must be gorgeous, you

That must be gorgeous, you are so lucky!! However could you tell me if every member can join soundcheck parties or they select just a few?

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that does sound like an

that does sound like an amazing 16th birthday!! I hope you had a blast! (:

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