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Let's trend our guys!!

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on 25 Feb '12

Astronauts, I need your help!!!!! I want Jeff, Chuck, David, Pierre and Seb to know how grateful we are for all that they do for us and thought it'd be nice to let them trend worldwide, huh?

The topic is #SimplePlan (cos it already has a lot of tweets) and the appointment is set on February 28 (since every 28th day of the month is SPDay) I though about a time that could be acceptable for all Astronauts all over the world so we're starting at 3pm UTC / GMT. You can check the site below to convert the time

!!It's important that you write only one #SimplePlan per tweet otherwise it will be blocked because considered as a spam!!

See you on Twitter SPBrothers and Sisters, hope hundreds of you will gather for our Heroes!

Love, @AdriAstronaut ;)

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