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on 01 Mar '08

Congratulations to the Liza M., Jackie L.C., Lorena B., Kari F., Rebekah D., Veronica N., Rhiannon P., Nikolai H., Karis Tinsley-Gardener, Alyssa D.S.for winning the video trivia contest!

How many times have you seen Simple Plan’s video for “Your Love Is A Lie”? Now it’s time to test your knowledge of the video and see if you know it inside and out. Below is a list of 15 questions about the video. Watch the video (and also vote for it on MTV!) HERE and then send your answers numbered the same as below to Be sure to include your full name, e-mail and mailing address in case you win! You will not be included in the contest if you do not send your name with your submission. We have tons of cool prizes so we will be randomly choosing 10 lucky winners who get all the answers correct. Contest deadline is Monday, July 14th 2008 at 10:00am EST. Good luck!

1. What kind of car does the girl get out of?
2. What kind of shoes is she wearing?
3. What is hanging on the wall above the bed Pierre is sitting on?
4. Which band member is wearing a tie in the scenes where the band is performing?
ANSWER: Pierre
5. What color is the tie?
6. When mystery man sees his girl, what does he do to greet her?
ANSWER: Picks her up
7. What time stamp to we see the “No Vacancy” sign?
ANSWER: 1:25
8. What is blowing through the set as the band performs?
ANSWER: Leaves
9. What color lingerie is the girl wearing?
10. Which band member is wearing a hat?
11. What is the address number on the gate to the hotel?
ANSWER: 1245
12. How many news paper stands are shown in the front of the hotel?
13. What numbers do we see the girl punch into her phone to call her mystery man?
14. What letters are graffitied on the wall of the building at the time stamp of 0:58?
15. What are the colors of the three guitars used in the video?
ANSWER: Black, black, and white