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on 11 Jul '08

Wonder what these rockers were doing on the Holidays? We asked the band how they spent their July 4th and here is what Sebastien got back to us with:

4th of July, what a great American holiday! we were actually in Florida playing a show the 4th of July... but here's the thing, we are Canadians!!! and believe it or not,Canada day is on july 1st! and we spent that day playing a show in our home province of Quebec in a city not too far from Montreal called Quebec city! it was a big outdoor show on a big field and the weather was perfect for an outdoor concert. apparently, between 100 000 and 150 000 people showed up. it was the biggest of the Simple Plan history. it was very overwhelming. it's hard for the brain to process people as far and the eye can see. We had a great time. so, after the show, we hung out with our families a little bit and grabbed some drinks with friends and a nearby terrace. all and all, July 4th was fun, but July 1st was just a little bit better for me. we even got a fireworks display after our performance. our 4th of July being 1st of July in Canada, the whole thing was a success!