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Saint-Jean Sur Richelieu

hottbaguettes69's picture
on 17 Aug '12

Saw Simple Plan last night for the second time.

The show was absolutely perfect.

Of course, the whole show was in french since it was in Quebec, but I met amazing new friends who translated for me. <3

We got lost 3 times during the 5 hour drive to another province, I can barely talk from all the screaming, and some 40 year old man made fun of me for crying during this song saved my life.

But it was all so worth it, best night, most fun, i've had in a really really really long time.

Actually... since the last SP show I went to. <3

I want to go to the one in Gatineau too, but nobody will drive me. Hopefully I'll find a way.

I really want to meet them sometime.

Oh and I made a sign that I completely FORGOT until we were already in Quebec! ):

Hopefully I'll get to use this at another show...

Bottom line, perfect night<3

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