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Soundcheck Party!!!!!!

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on 14 Oct '12

Man, I can not believe I'm dying slowly ...
There are only four days into the show and I do not stand with emotion, anxiety, nervousness ...
Can not wait!
I do not know what I'm going to say, how I act, I do not know if I can move when I see them.
Just know that I will cry a lot of happiness, of being able to see them up close, to get touches them and finally to make sure that they are not just a dream that my fertile imagination.
I want so much that day comes soon, and that is eternal, that every second lasts forever, so that takes up the end ...
I think, I'm sure this will be the best day of my life ...
And hopefully it will be the first of many dreams that I hope to accomplish!

Rio de Janeiro
October 17th, 2012
My First Show of Simple Plan

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Hey!! Congratulations!! I

Hey!! Congratulations!! I know, it's unbelievable,..i met them last sunday and It was AMAZING(: hope yo enjoy it as much as an spcrew member could do :*

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what do you do at a

what do you do at a soundcheck party! I have never met the guys can you please fill me in??

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Hi Ashley ^^

Hi Ashley ^^
Soundcheck Party they spend a few songs that will roll on the show and then descend the stage make a wheel with fans that are part of SPCrew and go from person to person autographing photos / posters / blouses and taking photos.
It was really perfect! I hugged them all when I was on the show, they are beautiful, fragrant and super friendly ^ ^

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