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Disappointed Simple plan fan

brianna_thornton's picture
on 27 Dec '13

Hey guys, so every simple plan concert that I have gone to which is only 3 sadly they have thrown out to the crowd giant beach balls. At the canberra concert i caught one then someone nocked it out of my hand then again at warped i got one and was able to deflate it but i was threatened that if i didnt give this guy it he would hit me so i ended up giving it to him :/ this also happened at the get your heart on tour with pierres t shirt  he gave out to the crowd that if i didnt give the other guy who caught it the same time i did that he would bash me :/ the simple plan fans are really letting me down here :(  does anyone know where i could get one of the beach balls or if anyone is selling one, because i want one more than anything! 

- disappointed Simple Plan fan 

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