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xxorianna's picture
on 11 Apr '17

Hey everybody! My name is Rianna, as you could probably tell from my username. Yes, just like the singer. I live in Ontario, Canada (close to Toronto). I'm a new member of SPCrew, but I'm not a new Simple Plan fan. Fell in love with the band way back in 2002 when I saw their music video for I'm Just A Kid. For one reason or another, I had never been able to see them live until just last month. It felt unreal hearing all of these songs from my childhood come to life. Any words I say don't feel like enough to describe how I felt. I just want to thank these guys for carrying me through my preteen, teen, and now my young adult years. I've laughed, cried, and felt every other emotion while listening to and watching them. Their song "This Song Saved My Life" feels like it was written for me. I'm so grateful for everything this band has done for me. I've even been seriously considering getting a SP tattoo (I'm thinking #TSSML on my thigh). Seeing them for the second time in September, and I can't wait!

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