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SP Day?

on 05 Sep '12

I've been hearing a lot about "SP Day" that's coming up this month and I don't remember when it is... Someone help me out?
-taylor :)

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New Birthday Video

on 04 Sep '12

so due to the  fact that i didnt get as many videos or pictures to make a video for pierre's and seb's birthday I will be making one huge video for all the guys birthday and will put in the internet for them on spday in september. please send in a video or picture wishing the guys a happy birthday. or talk about why you love them. Or you can add a longer video spoofing the vlogs they made. you could remake pierres day off or be a ninja like seb or talk about how david is rarely in the vlogs. have fun and be creative. please spread the word and help out. the videos will br due in three weeks.

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on 04 Sep '12

I've been seeing lots of animated pictures of the guys and it really makes me wonder if there is a tv show or a series or something. It would be a total bummer if all these years I never knew there was. Can anyone help me if there really is?

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Hi everyone

on 03 Sep '12

I'm new here, i'm very excited 'cuz SP signed a concert in Chile last month!
i've been loving this guys since i was like 11!


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Hi :-)

on 03 Sep '12

Hi astronaut , i just become a new member here :) can't be patient to wait my stuff come XD hahaha. and i hope that i can meet SP guys someday :') nice to know you Astronaut :'(