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SPCrew Exclusive Download

on 01 Sep '12

As you know each month (through November), we are posting an exclusive live audio download right here on the SPCrew news page! The first was posted back in May and the last two in July! Today, we are posting another double shot- two to celebrate Jeff and David's recent birthdays! These downloads include live songs recorded in Taiwan, various Canada dates of the GYHO! Tour, and Japan! Keep in mind that these downloads are for members of the SPCrew Family ONLY. You must be logged in to link to the download.

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Today in Gatineau

on 01 Sep '12

For those of you heading to Montgolfieres de Gatineau today, our sources tell us that SP is soundchecking at 3:00pm! When you get there, run straight over to the Loto-Québec Stage to see if you can catch them. For more information on the festival, go here !

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Festival des mongolfiere

on 01 Sep '12


J'ai toujour ete fan de Simple Plan, et je suis fiere a dire que mon premier concert de ma vie est un concert de Simple Plan!!!! Jaimais ete decu par vous et je vais jaimais l'etre!

J'ai tellement hate de vous voir aujourd'hui au festival des mongolfiere!!!!

Un jour jespere vous rencontrer !!!

J'Vous ADORE!!!!!

Jasmine Pelletier 

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Im confused

on 31 Aug '12

Ive been seeing lots of pics of David with Avril Lavigne. I know their not together but were they together before or something? People have been telling me other answers and im just so confused, can anyone please explain

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Hello :)

on 31 Aug '12

Hello SP crew I am new on here today and am really excited to be part of the SP crew xD I saw Simple Plan in May and would love to meet them one day I really can't wait till my SPcrew top and stuff come. Also have late birthday to David I am going to go explore the site now :) xx